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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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has resided in Story County the greater part of his life). Mrs. Netterfield is a conscientious Christian, and has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years, and a liberal contributor to that as well as to all other laudable enterprises. She has long been noted for her kind and benevolent disposition, and is held in high esteem, not only by her immediate neighbors, but by all who know her. She is surrounded by her children and numerous friends, is contented and happy with her lot, and a short sketch of her life will be prized by all. She has taken care of her little granddaughter, Gracie, ever since she was seven months of age, and expects to rear her to honorable womanhood. Mr. Netterfield passed from the scene of his earthly labors on February 7, 1876, his death being the result of a fall. He was a kind and loving husband and father, devoted to the interests of his family, and at all times did all in his power to build up and improve the county in general, and his own immediate neighborhood in particular. He had been of an adventurous disposition in his early life, and had been a sailor on the high seas for three years, visiting during this time the Okhotsk Sea and the Society Islands in a whaling vessel. He was always very patriotic, and ever upheld the principles which tend to develop true manhood. He was indeed found to be the friend of the poor and distressed, was a patron of educational institutions, and was one of the practical farmers of the county. He was laid to rest in Cambridge Cemetery, where a monument has since been erected to his memory by his loving widow and children. After receiving the injury which was the immediate cause of his death, he was bed-ridden for almost five months, was unable to turn himself in bed, and although he suffered much he was patient under affliction and very thoughtful of the welfare of those about him. Mrs. Netterfield, after coming to Jones County, Iowa, as noted in a previous page, worked out and completed her education as best she could after her mother's death (which occurred when Miami was sixteen years old), making her home with her sister Laura. Following her marriage, though not very strong, she did her share in endeavoring to prove a worthy helpmate to her husband, and gaining a much-coveted home. Now she is in comfortable circumstances and happy and contented, though her life has not been without troubles and sorrows hard to bear. Ill health and death have not passed by her home. For eighteen months a bed-ridden sufferer, the death of her dear companion and beloved father, daughter, brother and sister came to her as afflictions hard to bear, but with faith and courage she still toils on, looking toward that city where there will be no trial or sorrow, and where " the weary are at rest."

Isaac B. Norton was the eighth in a family of twelve children, and was born in Maine, in 1847, to Harrison H. and Betsey (Batchelor) Norton, the names of whose children are as follows: Sophia, Hiram, and a twin brother (who died), Ira B. (of Earlville, Ill.), Lydia (wife of Charles Agnew, of Earlville), Sarah (wife of John Terry, of that place), Ellen, Isaac B., Emeline (wife of Henry Craver, of Earlville), Harrison (of the same place), John (of Zearing), and Levi (of Earlville.) The family moved from Franklin County, Me., in 1849, to La Salle County, Ill., where the children grew to maturity and received common-school educations. The paternal grandfather, Trustian Norton, was a resident of the State of Maine for many years. In 1867 Isaac B. Norton was married in La Salle County, Ill., to Miss Matilda F. Wickes, a daughter of E. R. Wickes, of that county. He remained there until 1875, then emigrated to Story County, Iowa, and

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