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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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Boundary and Area of the State-Its Rivers and the Subject of Drainage-The Surface Soil-Character of the Valleys and Uplands-Thu Lakes and Causes of Their Formation-The Geological Strata-Their Description, Thickness and Economic Value-The Minerals and the Fossils-The Coal-Peat, Gypsum, Celestine, Baryta, Epsomite, etc 9-22


The Period of Exploration and Discovery-The Labors of the French Jesuits-Their Pacific Policy toward the Indians-Discovery of the Mississippi River-The Claims of Spain-English Domination-The Bubble of John Law-The French Population of Louisiana -Indian Wars-Rival Claims to the Soil-Cession Treaties and Peace-The Country Passes to the United States-Formation of the Territory of Iowa, etc 23-32


Expeditions and Indian Cession Treaties-Pike's Expedition-The Indians of Iowa-Their Principal Villages and Battles-The Black Hawk Purchase-Keokuk's Reserve-First Individual Grant-A List of all Indian Treaties Affecting Iowa Soil-The Spanish Grant to Dubuque-The Claim of Choteau-The Girard Tract and the Honori Tract-The Half-Breed Lands -Controversies over the Rival Claims 33-46


The Louisiana Purchase Taken Possession of by the United States-District of Louisiana-Iowa a part of the Territories of Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin-The First Officers to Govern the Territory-Iowa Territory Formed-Its Legislature and Laws-Location of the Seat of Government-Public Buildings-Settlement of the Missouri Boundary Question, etc 47-51


Era of Settlement-Dubuque and His Party of Miners-The Settlements of Honori and of Giard-English Pioneers Throughout the Territory-Efforts of Mr. Longworthy-Code of Laws for the Government of the Dubuque Miners-Forcible Removal of the Dubuque Settlers-The Lead Mines-Settlement of the Black Hawk Purchase-The First of Many Things-Pioneers at the Bluffs 52-50


Organization of the State-Proceedings of the Constitutional Conventions - Elections and Seating of the First State Officers-Meeting of the First General Assembly-Construction of Public Buildings-Change of Location of the Seat of Government 60-63


Miscellaneous Matter-Population of the State by Decades-Members of the First, Second and Third Constitutional Conventions-Gubernatorial Vote of the State from 1846 to 1887-Electoral Vote Since 1848-Vote on the Prohibitory Law and the Prohibitory Amendment-Territorial and State Officers from 1838 to 1800-Full Catalogue of Congressmen-Stock -Statistics-Coal Output-Land Grants, etc 64-73


Religious Denominations of the State-The Spanish and the French Catholics-Movements of the Protestant Denominations-The Organization into Church Groups-First Mass in Iowa-First Church-The Young Men's Christian Association-Number of Congregations-Wealth, Character, Membership and Standing of the Various Denominations Represented in Iowa-Religious Educational Institutions-Criminal Statistics 74-78


The Public School System of the State-First Schools Taught in Different Portions of Iowa-A Summary of the Development of the School Laws-Origin of the Educational Funds-Valuable Comparative Statistics-The Amount of the School Fund for the Several Counties-Other Important Matter 79-84

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