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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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and became the father of these named children: Elizabeth, born in 1686; Edward, in 1687; Mercy, in 1689; Sarah, in 1691; Martha, in 1694; Jemima, in 1696; Hannah, in 1698; Consider, in 1701 and Samuel, in 1702. The youngest of this family, Samuel, was born in Connecticut, married, and in time became the father of the following offspring: Samuel, born in 1729 ; Sarah, in 1730; Chloe, in 1731; Eunice, in 1733; Hannah, in 1735; Caleb, in 1737; Samuel, in 1738; Susanna, in 1739; Mercy, in 1741; Lamberton, in 1742; Enoch, in 1744, and Ichabod, in 1746. Enoch was the next to the youngest in this family, and passed from life July 8, 1789, his children being thus named: Enoch, born May 6, 1772; Abishai, April 1, 1774; Heman, June 14, 1777; Aretas, July 30, 1779; Obed, September 19, 1781; Mercy, November 4, 1783; Eunice, May 14, 1786, and Joel, May 9, 1788, the latter being one of twins, the other twin dying. Joel was born in Vermont, and was married January 8, 1812, to Miss Lura Clapp, also of that State, and unto their union a family of eight children were born: Enoch, born December 5, 1812, and died June 10, 1831; Reuben C., born March 10, 1814; Asahel, born August 21, 1816; Lucretia A., born November 20, 1818; Joel, born January 21, 1821, and died June 26, 1840; Heman W., born November 11, 1823; Horace, born December 18, 1827, and died December 16, 1829, and Celinda, born December 12, 1830. The parents of these children died April 18, 1868, and April 29, 1883, father and mother respectively. In this family Mercy Allen, a niece of Joel Allen, made her home for a great many years and died July 25, 1888, at the age of seventy-eight years. Reuben C., the second member of the above named family, was born in the " Green Mountain State " and was there married to Miss Amanda Dewey, also of that State, and by her became the father of two children of whom Dr. Charles W. Allen, the immediate subject of this sketch, was one, his birth occurring in North Hero, Vt., in 1855. That the above facts are true in every respect, there can be no doubt, as they are copied from the old Deerfield (Connecticut) book of records, in the vicinity of which town the old homestead known as " The Bars " still exists. The house is still standing in which Samuel Allen, the great-great-grandfather, was slain by the Indians. Edward Allen, the first one of the family in this country, was one of a committee appointed for the settlement of Suffield, Conn., in 1678, and received for his services a grant of sixty acres of land. Peter Dewey, Dr. Allen's maternal grandfather, was born in Vermont, on the 6th of January, 1770; his wife, formerly Miss Hannah Clapp, being born January 5, 1789, also in that State, their marriage taking place August 3, 1808, and resulting in the birth of six children: Horace M., born June 1, 1811; Sarah, September 6, 1814; Celinda C.; November 3, 1816; Amanda N., January 18, 1819; Reuben C., June 10, 1825, and Lura F., July 7, 1831; all of whom are living except Reuben, who died August 11, 1876, and Sarah, who died January 1, 1846. Dr. Allen's father, Reuben C. Allen, was married twice, the first time on March 17, 1841, to Miss Sarah A. Dewey, by whom he became the father of three children: Lucien, born April 15, 1842; Lucius, born October 18, 1843, and died May 26, 1844, and Horace D., born June 16, 1845. The mother of these children passed to her long home January 1, 1846, and Mr. Allen afterward married 'Miss Amanda N. Dewey, on the 21st of September, 1847, and besides Dr. Charles W., who was born to them on the 17th of July, 1855, Hattie M. was born on the 23d of April, 1857. She married W. G. Robinson, October 14, 1886, and is living in Ness City, Kas. They have one child, Ethel

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