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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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first class was organized here June 23, 1866, by Rev. W. S. Dorwin, and Cambridge Circuit was formed in the fall of 1867 under Rev. Samuel Jones, P. E., and Rev. A. A. Vanscoy in charge. The circuit embraced Palestine, Walnut Grove, Applegate's School, Center Grove and Mount Fairview, with the day points at Cory Grove and Oak Grove. The first members at Cambridge were J. D. Breezley, G. M. Maxwell, Rebecca E. Breezley, Eliza Livingston, Sarah B. Livingston, R. Buell, Ellen J. Chandler, Mary Hughes, James Lewellen and Mary Breezley. Private houses and schools were used for services until September 8, 1877, when a Methodist Episcopal Church, 36x50 feet, was completed and dedicated with cupola and bell, at a cost of from $1,700 to $1,800, and clear of debt at dedication. Rev. J. D. Moore was effective in this as pastor, while Rev. M. D. Collins, P. E., made the dedicatory address. The parsonage was built under the pastorate of Rev. B. B. Lane about 1870, and, together with improvements made while Rev. G. M. Hall had charge, in 1883, the entire cost would be about $1,000. The original class-leaders of the circuit were as follows: G. M. Maxwell, Cambridge; J. D. Breezley, Palestine; , Walnut Grove; James Matthews, at Applegate School ; James Kirk, at Center Grove; John Penn, at Mount Fairview; W. Veneman, at Cory Grove, and Mr. Griffith, at Oak Grove. The successive pastors and presiding elders are as follows: Pastors-W. S. Dorwin, organizing; A. A. Vanscoy, in charge three years; B. B. Lane, from 1869; I. T. Miller, from 1872; D. O. Steward, 1873; O. H. Baker, 1875; J. D. Moore, 1876; W. Abraham, 1878; W. E. Harvey, 1880; G. M. Hall, 1882 ; J. M. Conrad, 1883; D. Thompson, 1884; W. H. H. Smith, 1886; R. J. Tennant, 1888, and John Elliott, 1889. The presiding elders were: Revs. D. Lamont, 1866; Samuel Jones, 1868; C. C. Mabee, 1872; M. D. Collins, 1875; A. J. Andres, 1877; H. T. Curl, 1880; B. F. W. Cozier, 1884, and W. W. Ramsay, 1888. In 1871 there were 105 members on the circuit, and three Sabbath-schools. It was then that the Cambridge school became a regular one. Maxwell was a part of the circuit from 1882 to 1888, when it was made independent, including Elwell, while Cambridge held Slater and Pleasant Hill. The circuit now has eighty-eight members on its three appointments. Rev. I. T. Miller should receive special mention as a pastor under whom remarkable growth was made.

The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Maxwell grew up rapidly, like the town. In 1882 Iowa Center, Peoria City and Center Grove were the nearest points, and were parts of Cambridge Circuit, which was placed in charge of Rev. G. M. Hall in 1882. It was during this pastorate that Maxwell Church was formed, on June 4, 1883, with thirty-seven members, and John Doty as class-leader. On June 3 there was dedicated a neat, new brick-veneered church, with audience-room, classroom and gallery, and furnished with furnace, organ, bell, etc., at an entire cost of over $3,000. The pastor lived at Cambridge until September, 1888, when the circuit was divided and a parsonage erected at Maxwell. The charge now includes Elwell, but the membership at Maxwell alone is eighty-five. George B. Dry is class-leader, and the trustees who have served from the beginning, with one exception, are George Benedict, William Scoles, J. W. Maxwell, W. J. Veneman and Jeff. Miller, the last-mentioned having succeeded J. O. French, whose assassination occurred in 1887. The Sunday-school, under the superintendence of J. W. Maxwell, the Epworth League, and the Ladies' Aid and Foreign Missionary Societies, are all in a flourishing condition. The succes-

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