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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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into some other. An offshoot of it was the Farmers' Institute, which was organized in 1871 to reach those outside the Grange society. It flourished and fell with the Grange, and both served good purposes. In a sort of new form this movement revived again in The Story County Farmer's Alliance, which was formed at Nevada on May 28, 1887, with the following officers: O. D. Allen, president; Elwood Furnas, vice-president, and A. L. Stuntz, secretary. It is non-partisan, and was intended to absorb all sorts of farmers' associations and local alliances. There were six local alliances represented. These have increased to thirteen, with 537 members. Its annual meetings are held in the Nevada City Hall. The successive presidents have been: O. D. Allen, 1887; Elwood Furnas, 1888-89, and J. M. Wells, 1890. On July 1, 1887, this society organized the Farmers' Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Association, with these officers: A. J. Graves, president; E. Furnas, vice-president; D. M. Hayden, secretary, and B. Confare, treasurer. A director was also chosen-B. Confare, of Milford ; E. Rex, of Washington; R. W. Liddle, of Franklin ; E. Furnas, of Richland; C. W. Mills, of Grant; J. A. McFarlan, of La Fayette; Col. John Scott, of Nevada ; D. M. Hayden; of Franklin, and A. J. Graves, of Washington.

In another line a call was made for an organization in 1879, by Capt. I. L. Smith and others. The meeting was held at Nevada, and the ex-soldiers of the county proposed a reunion. Seventy-eight were present, and at once the Story, County Veteran Regiment was formed, with these officers: Colonel, John Scott; lieutenant-colonel, H. H. Boyes; major, J. R. Wood, and adjutant, F. D. Thompson. The first enrollment reached 428. Reunions have been held every year in August, and are occasions of great general interest. They have been held as follows, and with officers elected as indicated: In 1879, at Nevada, colonel, John Scott; lieutenant-colonel, H. H. Boyes ; major, S. P. O'Brien, and adjutant, H. R. Boyd. In 1880, at Nevada, colonel, S. P. O'Brien; lieutenant-colonel, H. H. Boyes; major, S. F. Balliet, and adjutant, A. H. Buck. At Ames, in 1881, colonel, S. F. Balliet; lieutenant-colonel, W. M. Greeley ; major, A. H. Buck, and adjutant, H. H. Boyes. In 1882, at Nevada, colonel, A. P. King ; lieutenant-colonel, Richard May ; major, John O'Neil, and adjutant, J. M. Brown. In 1883, at Cambridge, colonel, W. A. Weir; lieutenant-colonel, H. F. Ferguson ; major, George Barnard, and adjutant, J. H. Leighton. In 1884, at Story City, colonel, J. R. Wood; lieutenant-colonel, C. H. Dickey; major, Jesse Bowen, and adjutant, C. M. Morse. In 1885, at Maxwell, colonel, John Scott; lieutenant-colonel, I. L. Smith ; major, C. E. Haverly, and adjutant, _____ _____. In 1886, at Nevada, colonel, T. C. McCall; lieutenant-colonel, D. A. Bigelow; major, J. C. Burkart, and adjutant, I. L. Smith. In 1887, at Nevada, colonel, D. A. Bigelow; lieutenant-colonel, C. E. Haverly; major, Parley Sheldon, and adjutant, Henry Wilson. In 1888, at Ames, colonel, A. P. King ; lieutenant-colonel, Richard May ; major, S. W. Snyder, and adjutant, A. Ersland. In 1889, at Cambridge, colonel, W. M. Starr; lieutenant-colonel, J. R. Wood; major, C. H. Dickey, and adjutant, C. M. Morse.

The Story County Equal Rights Society was an organization to agitate for equal suffrage, and had a brief existence early in the eighties, and about the same time the various societies of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of the county had a county organization, which exerted a great influence on the public temperance sentiment. A county temperance association flourished about this time also. In August, 1889, there was a call for a meeting at Ames of all persons who had been residents of

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