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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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County recorders: Evan C. Evans, 1865-66; George F. Schoonover, 1867; Samuel Bates, 1868-74; O. K. Hill, 1875-80; H. H. Boyes, 1881-86; Joseph M. Ingram, 1887-90.

County clerks: Franklin Thompson, 1853; Austin Prouty, 1854-55; E. G. Day, 1856; William Thompson, 1857,; S. S. Webb, 185860; E. G. Day, 1861-64; D. P. Ballard,* 1865; J. A. Fitchpatrick, 1866-76; I. L. Smith, 1877-88; Henry Wilson, Jr., 1889-90.

Sheriffs: Eli Deal, 1853; John J. Zenor, 1854-56; George Childs, 1857-61; L. Q. Hoggatt, 1862-65; H. F. Murphy, 1866-69; Alf. Goodin, 1870-71; H. F. Murphy, 1872-73; Charles Christian, 1874-75; J. F. Gillespie, 1876-79; A. K. Banks, 1880-88; Curtis A. Wood, 1889-90.

Coroners: Shadrack Worrell, 1853; R. H. Robinson, 1854; R. Hockley, 1855; J. W. Cessna, 1856-59; F. W. Rhoads, 1860-65; C. P. Robinson, 1866-67; F. W. Rhoads, 1868- 69; C. P. Robinson, 1870-76; J. W. Boggess, 1877-81; J. I. Hostter, 1882-88; ____ Chamberlain, 1889-90.

Surveyors: Otho French, 1853; Eli H. French, 1854; D. J. Norris, 1855-56; R. H. Mitchell, 1857-65; William G. Allen, 1866-67; M. C. Allen, 1868-71; William G. Allen, 1872-73; R. H. Mitchell, 1874-90.

Prosecuting attorneys: Eli H. French, 1854-55; James S. Frazier, 1856-59 (office abolished, and restored in 1886) ; G. W. Dyer, 1887-90.

School fund commissioners: John H. Keigley, 1853; S. P. O'Brien, 1854-55; John J. Bell, 1856-58.

County superintendents of schools: George M. Maxwell, 1858; W. H. Grafton, 1859; I. H. Rees, 1860-61; Deville P. Ballard, 1862-63; W. M. White, 1864-65; J. G. Beckley, 1866-67; F. D. Thompson, 1868-69; John R. Hays, 1870-71; J. H. Franks, 1872-75; Charles H. Balliet, 1876-77; L. B. Baughman, 1878-81; Ole O. Roe, 1882-90.

County auditors: C. P. McCord, 1870-71; John R. Hays, 1872-81; C. G. McCarthy, 1882-89; A. P. King, 1890.

The county administration was by statute passed in 1860 vested in a board of supervisors, consisting of one member from each township. This continued for ten years, when the board of sixteen members was changed to one of three members. Under the first system the board was a miniature Legislature, of which the townships were the districts. The members of that board from time to time were as follows: W. B. Wiltse, R. W. Ballard, A. G. Person, Joseph Seal, W. H. Richardson, Samuel Eaglebarger, Noah Harding, W. C. Carr, Franklin Thompson, William Arrasmith, A. P. Ball, T. C. Davis, John H. McLain, Cyrus Simmons, James M. Applegate, Milt Evans, Enoch Halley, Henry McCarthy, H. Boynton, C. P. McCord, H. Burham, Milo McCartney, W. B. Hopkins, R. M. Hunter, John Scott, John McCartney, Samuel Bates, Daniel Finch, B. R. Shenkle, J. P. Dewey, Jesse R. Wood, A. O. Hall,

S. W. Adams, Richard Jones, H. H. Boyes, Daniel McCarthy, T. E. Alderman, James E. Jeffers, W. A. Wier, W. H. Fitchpatrich, J. H. B. Kerr, John Evanson, D. R. Brown, W. R. Woodward, John Jones, George Loucks, S. S. Statler, H. O. Higley, E. F. Farrington, W. H. Terwillager, Frank Curtis, E.

*Though the name of D. P. Ballard is listed above for the year 1865, and the returns show that he was duly elected, it is proper to state that he never discharged the duties of the office. He was in the army at the time, and not able to assume the clerkship. E. G. Day held the office until September 5, 1864, on which date he tendered his resignation, to enter army service. This was accepted by the board of supervisors. and John M. Brainard was appointed to the place. Ballard failing to qualify, Brainard was re-appointed, and held the place until the election in October, 865, at which time Fitchpatrick was elected to fill the vacancy, and entered at once upon the duties. He also, as shown above, served five full terms thereafter.

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