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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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came in. The former built on the northeast corner of Block 40, and the latter on the southwest corner of Block 14. Dr. V. V. Adamson had arrived on the 1st of May, and found shelter with Mr. Alderman. About this time a tailor named Robert Hockley built near the southwest corner of Block 39. T. J. Adamson built the second frame building, which stood on the southeast corner of Block 31, facing the park; and J. C. Harris purchased and removed the temporary court-house before mentioned to the northeast corner of Block 39. It was afterward a part of the hotel kept by Israel Helphrey. These, in substance, comprised the buildings erected during the year ending with December, 1854.

In the early times, without any attempt to give exact dates, there were numerous additions to the residents and residences of Nevada. A. P. Fitch built a cabin near the west end of Lot 1 in Block 42. J. W. Cessna lived in a house which stood on the northwest corner of Block 16. Dr. Kellogg, with his brother, George A. Kellogg, afterward county judge, lived in what was long known as " the old Barndollar house," on Block 4. Isaac Walker, J. C. Lovell, William Bennett and some others were bachelor boarders at McLain's Hotel, and E. G. Day, Wilson Dailey, Mr. Compton, S. S. Webb, Smith Goodin, Russell McLain, Thomas Larcom, Austin Prouty, Israel Helphrey, George W. Helphrey, Charles Smith, Ellis Armstrong, James N. Moore, Abner Lewis, John J. Bell, James Hawthorn, Thomas Westlake, David Childs and his sons, Jonathan Statler and his son, S. S., James D. Ferner, and numerous others made homes for themselves in the several parts of the growing town, as mostly shown by the records of deeds to village lots.

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