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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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the western part of the county, as follows: William, Wesley and Massey Arrasmith, Henry Burham, Joseph Broughard, James Briley, Robert and William Bracken, Mormon, Dan, Joel and William Ballard, Noah Berry, Henry Cameron, Presley R., Isaac and Elisha Craig, S. M. Cory, I. W. Cory, Josiah, Jairus and Sereno Chandler, Michael Deal, E. C. and William D. Evans, Moses and Fred Echard, Eli H. and Otho French, Alexander Favre, Jonah Griffith, Robert and William Hawks, Almon Hughes, John Hand, Samuel Heistand, John Hussong, Nathaniel Jennings, John H. Keigley, Samuel Kelley, Thomas Lowe, Peter McNernay, Jerry Marks, Ed. S. McKenzie, S. P. O'Brien, George and D. W. Prime, Jeremiah Pressnell, James C. Smith, Jesse, James A., Samuel, Isaac andJohn W. Smith, Warren Shaw, Frank Thompson, William Thompson, Thomas and John Vest, Shadrach Worrall, John Warren, Jacob Wheeler, and John, George B., Reuben J., John J. and Michael Zenor. While the absence of the name of any citizen from these rolls does not prove that he was not in the county in 1854, it must be conceded that the presence of the name on the roll is fair proof that at that time his residence was in Story County. Among the many citizens who can give the exact date of their arrival, and thus approximate claims of priority of settlement in the several townships, as they now exist, it would scarcely be practicable to settle this question in every instance. When the Ballards settled at their grove there were no townships defined. They were first in Story Precinct, afterward in Washington Township, then in Union, and finally in Palestine Township. They were really the pioneers, not only in the county, but in each one of these other several political organizations. Similar conditions existed in the case of William Parker, who in the final arrangement found himself the pioneer of the township of Collins.

There had also settled in the county, in addition to those already named, and prior to the assessment of polls for 1855, in the eastern part of the county, Henry J. and Joseph Brubaker, Milton Cochran, R. C. Casebolt, William Dunahoo, J. W. Dawson, Jacob Emery, Samuel Floyd, Thomas Fitzgerald, William Fatish, M. Holtsclaw, Thomas Hall, Noah Kirkman, Zeno Lamb, Robert Lusk, Josephus Lowe, John Lane, Mathew McPherson, Thomas Monahan, Daniel Maxwell, Elias Modlin, William McPherson, Elkanah Pearson, Oliver Pearson, John Parker, Jacob Ray, N. B. Tucker, John Wells, Shelby Baker, William W. Brown, Andrew Bales, Fred Casner, James A. Fry, James A. Ferguson, H. C. French, C. A. Gregory, D. M. Hame, Levi Hunter, Harris Hull, John Habbitt, Amariah Mullen, W. C. Murphy, S. A. Martin, Peter P. Martin, William McGuire, Presly P. Pool, George H. Richardson, William H. Richardson, William Robinson, George D. Stoneking, John S. Thomas, and Allan Wheatley.

In Washington Township were William Allen, Samuel Allen, John Bracken, Reuben Baldock, S. J. Booker, William Barnett, J. W. Batterson, G. S. Barks, W. C. Beedle, John Ball, John Cook, John Delawyer, John Doty, Mathew Elliott, George C. Estlake, A. F. Eastwood, John C. Elliott, William J. Freed, William H. Jones, T. J. Groseclose, William Illingsworth, Isaac Jones, Samuel Kelley, George Kintzley, Amos Kelley, Morgan Kellner, M. Livingston, Harvey Lewellen, Hugh McKee, Calvary Ross, Sebastian Rubar, J. C. Sladden, Amos Simmons and Henry Simmons. In Franklin Township were Sam. Eagleharger, Adam L. Groves, I. T. Miller, Elias Pocock and William Ross. In Lafayette Township were Thomas Anderson, Hiram Boyes, George W. Sowers and Thomas Miller.

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