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Surname Type Deceased Posted By Posted On Reference
DARLING Decedent Bessie Blanche (Covert) Darling Samson (1887-1945) Dorian Myhre 2014-01-12 480435
DARLING Decedent Melba Pauline (Darling) Paulson (1905-1996) Dorian Myhre 2014-01-13 480557
DARLING Mentioned Doretta Marie (Baldus) Shillinglaw (1939-2017) Mark Christian 2017-12-02 661565
DARLING Mentioned John King (1957-2017) Mark Christian 2017-09-02 652951
DARLING Mentioned Kitchell,Mrs. P. A. d. 1916 Diana Wagner 2018-07-19 683868
DARLING Mentioned Levantia Dorleska (Guy) Mills (1836-1907) Dorian Myhre 2017-05-06 639846
DARLING Mentioned Martin Chris Paulson (1902-1991) Dorian Myhre 2014-01-13 480504
DARLING Mentioned Shirley Adell (Insko) Hoag (1926-2018) Mark Christian 2018-09-01 688151

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