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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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Community Organizations95
1931-32Kristiana Jensen Petersen
1933-34Agnes Austin Sparrow
1935-36Leta Rankin Bailey
1937Louise Bowie Carver
1938Mildred Johnston Good
1939-40Ella Cummings Brouhard
1941-42Elizabeth Kellison Bailey
1943-44Doris Ferkin Rankin
1945Emelie Hanson Grimm
1946Agnes Kurth Cerka
1947Florence Pies Kleespie
1948Iona Pies Kleespie
1949Luella Coleman Crain
1950Theda Crain Philpot
1951Ruth Thornton Chance
1952Berneice Armstrong Becker
1953Cecil Long Jones
1954Ruth Price Stouffer
1955Alice Marie Eberle Jones

Elections are held in December. Officers serve the following year.

Dynamo Rebekah Lodge No. 479

The history of Rebekah Lodge No. 479 was furnished by C. R. King, Colo, Iowa, and Sylvia King, Colo, Iowa.

Dynamo Rebekah Lodge No. 479 was chartered on October 12, 1899. The following were the charter members. Mabel Clift and Susie Williams are listed under their maiden names.

Esau A. AllenAnna. Reese McCall
Elzira McDowell AllenJulius P. Tisdale
Nathaniel R. CliftMaria Mead Tisdale
Joseph Alen Sr.George M. Norton
Elizabeth Ingram AllenClara Gorham Norton
Geb MingesWilliam F. Young
John J. SullivanAugusta Maronda Young
Asa M. WilliamsJoseph C. Allen
Mary Ellen Cornell WilliamsAnna Morgan Allen
Mabel CliftWilliam J. LeRoy
Susie WilliamsAsinnath Bailey LeRoy
Sherry Montgomery McCall

Most of the lodge records have been lost or destroyed. The record book starting in September, 1923, recorded the following Noble Grand officers. All are listed under their married names with the exception of Clara Waldie, Leta Rankin, and Dorothy LeFevre.

Mary Gardiner—December 31, 1923
Nora Tight—June 30, 1924
Nellie Daubenberg—December 31, 1924
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