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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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90Community History, Zearing, Iowa

In the early days of the lodge there were a number of social events in addition to the meetings of the lodge. In 1895, for example, a birthday party in honor of Hiram O. Norton was a lodge social event. The members celebrated Hiram's 62nd birthday.

Guests at the party were :

George Barnard Sherry Montgomery McCall
William H. Golly Elwood C. Ingledue
Edward G. Richardson Robert R. Pollock
August Henry Grimm William Thatcher
John M. GollyMannie Norton
George E. Airhart Charles E. Belden
Thomas E. Pollock John Henry Norton
R. D. NortonH. Alexander Grandy
George Richardson
Worshipful Masters
1884H. N. Rogers1923-24Dr. Louis L. Bowie
1885E. C. Wallace1925-26Thomas G. Lundy
188-87H. N. Rogers1927George W. Phillips
1888George Barnard1928Fred A. Haase
1889James S. Smith1929Russell L. Golly
1890George Barnard1930D. G. Mills
1891J. Fred Reed1931Osgood B. Batchelor
1892-93Edward G. Richardson1932-33Charles H. Kleespie
1894-97William H. Golly1934-35Andy Thompson
1898Elwood C. Ingledue1936-38Fred A. Haase
1899-00John Henry Jondall1939Gilbert B. Womeldorff
1901John Henry Norton1940Albert W. Crain
1902-03Jesse L. Armstrong1941William H. Brown
1904William H. Golly1942Carroll C. Bailey
1905Dr. J. A. Brown1943Charles Raymond
1906August Henry GrimmKleespie
1907Jesse L. Armstrong1944Clifford E. Gildersleeve
1908Dr. J. A. Brown1945Manly E. Dakins
1909Charles L. Whitaker1946Aaron E. Buffington
1910Harry W. Lightfoot1947Eldon L. Crain
1911James Lincoln Reid1948Arthur A. Kleespie
1912-13William H. Golly1949Rolland Philpot
1914Charles E. Buffington1950Thomas Gordon Lundy
1915-16Russell L. Golly1951Joseph Leo Jones
1917-19William C. Young1952Kermit L. Helland
1920Dr. Marion D. LeFevre1953Paul A. Lundy
1921Merle H. Laycock1954Clarence H. Mehlow
1922J. S. Thompson1955William E. Brown

William E. Brown was elected in December, 1955. He will serve in 1956.

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