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We have a complete list of the ministers who served the Christian Church. No substitute ministers have been included. No attempt has been made to list the total time each served. Newspaper records and other records have been used to prove the ministers were serving the church during the year or years designated. Lucy Williams Armstrong's church diary was used frequently as evidence.

J. W. Sibbett—1887-88—Founder.

H. R. Bunce—1888—Newspaper item stated that Rev. Bunce of Zearing preached a funeral sermon at McCallsburg in September, 1888.

J. W. Vanderwalker—1890—Story county history listed Vanderwalker as the 1890 pastor of the Christian Church.

M. C. Wilson—1894—Newspaper item in 1907 stated that Wilson served the Christian Church in 1894.

C. A. Gray—1895—Gray is listed on the graduation program of our high school's first commencement.

S. S. Murphy—1898—Newspaper announcement of church services.

Wessel Stephenson—1899—Stephenson is listed on the commencement program for the high school class of 1899.

Charles Hougham—1903-04—Armstrong's church diary.

James McIntire—1905—Picture in supplement of The Zearing Enterprise published on June 30, 1905.

Leslie Wolfe—1906—Newspaper listed Wolfe as the pastor in 1906.

B. W. Salmon—1907—Newspaper item stated that Salmon moved his family from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on November 29, 1907.

J. Ainsworth—1909—Armstrong's church diary stated that Ainsworth arrived in Zearing on April 6, 1909.

Homer Lewis—1910—Armstrong's church diary stated that Lewis arrived in March, 1910. It also stated that Lewis preached his farewell sermon on March 31, 1912.

James Teeters—1912—Armstrong's church diary gave July 28, 1912, as the date Teeters arrived in Zearing. Teeters gave his farewell sermon on February 1, 1914.

James W. McLaughlin—1914—According to Armstrong's church diary, McLaughlin arrived in Zearing on August 9, 1914.

H. G. Bond—1917—Armstrong's church diary gave November 11, 1917, as the date of Bond's arrival in Zearing. Newspaper item stated that Bond resigned on February 22, 1918.

W. H. Parsons—1918—According to Armstrong's church diary, Parsons arrived in Zearing on July 2, 1918. Parsons preached his farewell sermon on March 14, 1919.

L. R. Phillips—1919—Armstrong's church diary gave April 13, 1919, as the date Phillips arrived in Zearing. Phillips resigned on January 1, 1920.

M. D. Bryant—1920—According to Armstrong's church diary, Bryant arrived in Zearing on January 11, 1920. Phillips resigned on December 6, 1920.

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