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Bethel Evangelical United Brethren Church

In 1877, Rev. Obed Long and Rev. J. M. Johnston were appointed to serve the Colo and Iowa Center, Iowa, circuits. According to the records of Rev. B. H. Nieble, it was decided that a meeting should be held in the Wickham school house in our community. The meeting was a success. Because of the success of the first meeting, Rev. Obed Long continued to hold meetings at the Wickham school house.

In the spring of 1880, Rev. A. T. Wilkins took charge of the Colo circuit. In September of 1880, a church was organized at the Wickham school. (See postscript). It was a union church serving pioneers of all creeds.

There were fifty-two charter members of the new church. Whereever possible I have listed the charter members first names, also the maiden and married names.

Charter Members
John AdamsJohn Latham
Florence AdamsNan Mead
Henry BunkerGeorge W. Phillips
Eliza Wickham BunkerAnna Price
Amelia Bunker HolcombMary Young Schuler
Alice BurgessAlonso Stebbins
Squire BullJane Greer Stebbins
Sarah Beard BullLorenzo Stebbins
Nathaniel R. CliftHenry Stebbins
Fidelia Edgett CliftAlbert Stebbins
Thomas CloudMary Stebbins
Mrs. Thomas CloudEugene Stebbins
A. P. CurnesSarah Greer Stebbins
Soloman W. DakinsNancy Torrence
Kate Cahill DakinsAlbert West
Gilbert EdgettHarriet Wickham Abbott
Dillie EdgettHenrietta Wickham Jessup
William GilmoreMinerva B. Wickham
James GilmoreCharles Williams
William HazlettSusan Williams
Jennie HazlettOtis Williams
Agnes HazlettAugusta Maronda Young
Homer HolcombThomas Thatcher
Ellen Foster HolcombElizabeth Simons Thatcher
Henry HolcombCharles N. Thatcher
William HolcombAna McDowell Thatcher
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