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Zearing Chiropractors

The first Zearing chiropractor was Mrs. Adams of Davenport, Iowa. She practiced in Zearing during the summer of 1915.

Dr. Dwight A. Armstrong practiced in Zearing during the early 1920's. Dr. Armstrong moved to Minnesota. Dr. M. E. Diggins had an office in Zearing in 1924. He moved to Hampton, Iowa.

Dr. Catherine Robinson came to Zearing on November 19, 1927. In 1947, Dr. Robinson built a combination apartment and office building on the south side of Main Street. The building was located between Center Street and Pine Street. George Robinson of Nevada, Iowa, did the construction work.

Dr. Robinson is Zearing's only chiropractor in 1956.

Zearing Dentists

In the early days of our community the doctors did most of the dental work. They usually pulled the offending teeth immediately.

Dr. Frank Armstrong was Zearing 's first resident dentist. He practiced in Zearing in the 1890's. Dr. A. J. McCormack opened a dental office in Zearing on May 1, 1900. Dr. McCormack practiced in Zearing until he moved to Minnesota in 1916.

Dr. R. E. Burke came to Zearing in 1916. Dr. Burke entered the armed services in 1918. Dr. J. R. Harrison succeeded Dr. Burke. Dr. Harrison sold his practice to Dr. Harry E. Strassburg. Dr. Strassburg came to Zearing on July 11, 1928.

In 1952, Dr. Strassburg completed a new office building near his home in northwest Zearing. In 1956, he is Zearing's only dentist.

Zearing Veterinarians

Isaac B. Norton, Jacob Roadenizer, and Wallace Higgason did the first veterinary work in our community.

Dr. M. D. LeFevre came to Zearing in 1908. He practiced in our community until the early 1930's. He died on March 7, 1939, at the Masonic Sanitarium, Bettendorf, Iowa. Dr. LeFevre is buried at Genoa, Illinois.

The Zearing Advocate of October 5, 1911, carried the notice that Dr. Robert A. Ricketts had arrived in Zearing. Dr. Ricketts is practicing in 1956.

Dr. L. Paul Sterling, a graduate of Iowa State College, came to Zearing on September 7, 1933. Dr. Sterling maintains a home in Zearing at the present time but works as an inspector.

Dr. Elwood E. Everson came to Zearing on March 1, 1953. He is practicing in our community in 1956.

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