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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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A special meeting of the Zearing Telephone Association was held on May 1, 1956. It was decided at the meeting to reorganize the company. The reorganization may result in the eventual installation of dial service.

The new company is authorized to sell up to $75,000 capital stock. The corporate period began on May 17, 1956. The corporate period will end on May 17, 1976, unless it is terminated at an earlier date. The first election of officers will be held on December 4, 1956. Temporary officers serving until December 4, are :

John A. (Archie) Lund President
Dale CookVice President
Kenneth L. Cerka Secretary
Harry W. BrittenTreasurer

John A. Johnston was a faithful long-time official of the association. John died in 1955.

Business Clubs

The business men of Zearing formed clubs in the early days of Zearing. We say clubs because a club would be organized and later disband. Some of the clubs included members from the community outside of Zearing. The story throughout the history of Zearing seems to have been enthusiasm when the club was organized. A few months or years later the enthusiasm would evaporate and the club disband.

An item published in the May 30, 1929, issue of The Tri County News illustrates the problem better than I can explain it. The item stated that only eleven members had attended the regular meeting of the community club. It stated that many members who should have taken the lead in community betterment were absent. The members present were Dwight Elmo Johnson, William C. Brouhard, Sr., Lyle C. Bailey, Kenneth L. Cerka, John Hoberland, Osgood B. Batchelor, John Pecor, Orphe Z. Burkhead, Earl Ferguson, Roy J. Pulley, and J. C. Talmadge.

The Business Men's Association remains active in 1956. Several years ago when the B. M. A. seemed destined to meet the fate of similar clubs throughout the history of Zearing a new idea was tried. It became a luncheon club. A noon luncheon once a month followed by the regular business meeting. As a result the B. M. A. is a very active organization in 1956.

The Business Men's Association was organized on March 11, 1946. The following individuals and firms were charter members of the B. M. A.

Johnson HardwareHome Cafe
Chance BrothersBrouhard Funeral Home
Rut's GreenhouseMadison's Store
Snowgren ProduceCoe's Standard Service
The New Tri County NewsSnell Dairy
Ray AlcornZearing Creamery Company
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