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Our Rural Community19

On May 8, 1869, the township school board awarded the contract to build the third school house in Lincoln township. It was to be located in the northwest corner of the SW1/4 of Section 21. Nicholas A. Ufford submitted the low bid of $680 and was granted the contract. This was the school house which later served the children of Zearing until a town school could be built.

The township school board on September 20, 1869, paid Emily Harris the sum of $31.25 for five weeks salary as a school teacher.

On March 18, 1872, upon motion of E. M. Burke, the school board president was instructed to sell the contracts for furnishing coal and kindling for the school houses, for all purposes, for the year commencing on March 18, 1872. Coal to be good coarse coal. and the kindling to be dry and of good quality.

John Gilmore Sr. received the fuel contract for District No. 1 for the sum of $22.50.

I am including a couple of country school roll calls at this point in the country school history.

Roll Call
District No. 4
Term–December 4, 1893, to March 23, 1894
Addie V. King–Teacher
Victor FitchEdith Thornton
Ernest FitchIda Haase
Fred ThorntonMinnie Haase
Charles HaasePearl Mead
August CerkaMay Mead
William CerkaNellie Mead
Herbert FitchRuby Helson
George MeadMayme Cerka
Charles BurkhartErma Harlan
Bertha MeadCarrie Young
Grace ThorntonMinnie Burkhart
Roll Call
District No. 1
Term–December 18, 1893, to March 9, 1894
Minerva B. Wickham–Teacher
Charles BryantWilliam Adams
Mose BryantAltie Bryant
Thomas BryantFlo Hampton
Louis GrimmViola Hampton
Rosa StebbinsAda Meekins
Nellie BryantErnest Meekins
Clayton ParkerJohn Bryant
Malinda GrimmEdith Meekins
Myrtle BryantGeorge Bartley
Lottie AdamsMartha Bryant
Annabelle BartleyBirdie Bryant
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