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During the Civil War, John was asked if he would enter the service as a substitute for another man. He accepted the offer and received a deed for eighty acres of land in payment. After the war, John lived in a dugout on the land until he could build a small house. Later he bought a farm in Illinois Grove.

Susan J. Elliott was born in Ohio on April 15, 1839. The Elliott family moved from Ohio to a farm near Hampton, Iowa. Susan's father died in Ohio.

John and Susan were married after the close of the Civil War. They were the parents of six children. The children were Mary Ella Lacey Faris, Nettie Lacey Brown, Dora J. Lacey Cary, May Lacey Cox, Oliver J. Lacey, and J. Edward Lacey.

John W. died on August 10, 1908. Susan J. died on February 29, 1916.

Lancaster :

The Lancaster family was a very important family in the early history of Lincoln township, Story county, Iowa. Members of the family broke the virgin prairie on several farms in Lincoln township.

William O. Lancaster helped three of his sons, Aaron, William R., and Elwood acquire homes in Lincoln township.

Aaron Lancaster was born on September 5, 1839, at Farmington, Indiana. Emma Greene was born on February 15, 1855, at Carmel, Ohio. Aaron and Emma were married in 1873 at Bangor, Iowa. They moved to our community in 1873.

Aaron and Emma were the parents of six children. Three died in infancy. The others were Virgil J., Anna May Lancaster Albery, and Hazel R. Lancaster Martin.

Virgil J. is living at Turlock, California, in 1955. Virgil said that when he was eight years old and his sister, Anna, five, they walked to Zearing for medicine and supplies for their sick father. Aaron had given them five cents to spend as they wished. After a great deal of indecision they bought two bananas. They had never tasted bananas. When they started for home, they tasted the bananas. Virgil said that they could not down the stuff. They threw the fruit between two stores on Main Street. They decided that their first investment in Zearing stock had resulted in complete bankruptcy.

Aaron sold his farm to the Grimm family. In the spring of 1891, he moved his family to New Providence, Iowa. Later the family homesteaded in South Dakota for four years. They moved to California in 1909. Virgil owns the Elmwood Farm at Turlock, California, in 1955.

Aaron died on February 8, 1934. Emma died on. July 12, 1919. Aaron and Emma are buried at Denair, California.

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William R. Lancaster owned land in Lincoln township. He

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