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1882, they moved to State Center, Iowa. Carl became a citizen of the United States on October 20, 1885. The family moved to Zearing, Iowa, in 1894.

Carl and Emma were the parents of seven children. Four died in infancy. The others were Anna, Emma, and Minnie.

Carl died on December 26, 1936. Emma died on October 26, 1927.


Although I was very young at the time I can remember Walter S. Griffith. His work fascinated me. He would drive up to our farm gate in his spring wagon, give me a hearty greeting, and climb our windmill without hesitation.

Walter S. Griffith was born on April 15, 1870, at Lowell, Iowa. Mary A. Redfern was born on December 15, 1873, at Martinsburg, Iowa. Walter and Mary were married on December 19, 1890, at Ottumwa, Iowa. They farmed near Martinsburg until the spring of 1902. On March 5, 1902, they moved to Zearing, Iowa.

Walter's first job in our community was carpenter work with Frank and Claude Reed. In 1903, he worked for Nathaniel R. Clift in the hardware and elevator business. When the Haase brothers bought the elevator business he continued to work for them. In 1905, Walter was working for Esau Allen and his son, Cressie, in the hardware, pump, and windmill business. In later years, Walter had his own pump and windmill business.

The Griffith family moved to New London, Iowa, from Zearing. Walter and Mary were the parents of three daughters. They were Myrtle Griffith Crain and Mae Griffith Allen of Zearing, and Goldie Griffith Hanson of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

Walter died on March 30, 1954. Mary is living in Wisconsin in 1955.


When I was a very small boy, Bert Grimes gave me a collie puppy named Teddy. The puppy and I grew up together. I had the dog for many years. Naturally I shall always have a high regard for the Grimes family.

Reuben Shipley Grimes was born on January 29, 1847. Clara Arilla Axline was born on January 6, 1853, in or near Zanesville, Ohio. Reuben and Clara were married on. August 31, 1871, at Wenona, Illinois.

Reuben and Clara lived on a farm near Wenona until 1900. They moved to our community in 1900. In 1902, they moved to Zearing where Reuben operated a livery stable. The family moved to Minnesota in 1911. They moved from Winnebago, Minnesota, to Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1920.

Reuben and Clara were the parents of two sons. Clarence Bert Grimes was born at Wenona, Illinois, on November 10, 1881. Bert

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