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128Community History, Zearing, Iowa

Ebenezer Crain was born in July, 1819. His wife, Calista, was born in March, 1823. We are not certain if we have Calista's maiden name spelled correctly. The name we have is Cobern. It is possible the name was Cobert or Colbert.

We know that Ebenezer and Calista lived in New Hampshire after their marriage. They moved to our community in 1876 from Wisconsin. Their first home in our community was located near the Sunset post office. Later they lived in the Grant Center community of Hardin county.

We know that three of their children came to our community in 1876. They were Arthur L., Alice, and Albert. A daughter, Julia, came with her husband, John Adams.

Ebenezer died on February 1, 1905. Calista died on October 16, 1900. They are buried in the Illinois Grove Cemetery.

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Arthur L. Crain, the son of Ebenezer, was born on July 13, 1860, at Winchester, Chesire county, New Hampshire. Arthur came to our community in 1876 from Shawano, Wisconsin. Caroline Bailey was born at Iberia, Missouri, on December 31, 1860. She came to Iowa with her parents in 1870. Arthur and Caroline were married on June 5, 1881. They moved to Hardin county, Iowa, in 1890.

Arthur and Caroline were the parents of five children. They were Charles L., Estella A., Hillis H., Albert W., and Jessie V.

Arthur L. died in March, 1896, at Phillips, Wisconsin. He was buried at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Caroline died on June 6, 1931. She was buried in the Hubbard Cemetery, Hubbard, Iowa.


The Dakins family has been one of the leading families in the history of our community. The first Dakins came to our community in 1868.

Daniel Dakins was born near Augusta, Ontario, Canada, on June 17, 1838. Uncle Daniel, as he was called by his neighbors in later years, settled in Section 16, Lincoln township, in 1868. He lived on his farm until his death on September 23, 1922.

In 1870, Daniel's mother and father and two of his sisters came to live with him. Elisha Dakins was born in New York in 1813. Elisha married Sarah Buker near Augusta, Ontario, Canada. They moved to Illinois from Canada.

Elisha and Sarah were the parents of nine children. They were Daniel, Soloman, Emma, Lovina, Samuel, Lucy, Sarah Ann, Hannah, and Fordelia. The last four children named died in Canada before the family moved to Illinois. Samuel established his permanent home in Canada.

When Elisha and Sarah moved to the home of Daniel in our community, Emma and Lovina came with them. Lovina married Adam K. Guthrie. Emma was Daniel's housekeeper until her

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