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Albright :

A few years ago the Albright family was very prominent in our community. In 1955, they have all moved away or are deceased.

William Mayer Albright was born on October 11, 1845, in York county, Pennsylvania. Ellen Rebecca Koser was born in Indiana on October 19, 1848. William and Ellen were married on September 9, 1869, in Johnson county, Iowa. William was a veteran of the Civil War. The family moved to our community in 1899.

William and Ellen were active in church work in our community. They farmed for ten years north of Zearing and then moved into Zearing.

William and Ellen were the parents of six children. They were Reuben C., Ulysses M., Cora, Maude, Millard, and Luella.

William died on November 30, 1935. Ellen Rebecca died on May 13, 1926.


The name Allen has been a prominent name in our community since 1880. The Allen family has always had an excellent reputation in the community. Members of the family did not neglect their duties as citizens. They were good business men and farmers.

The local Allens are descendants of Joseph Allen Sr. and Elizabeth Ingram Allen. Joseph Allen Sr. married Elizabeth Ingram on June 23, 1853. They moved to our community in 1892 from Wapello county, Iowa..

Joseph Sr. and Elizabeth were the parents of thirteen children. They were Esau A., Jacob M., Mary Ann, Sarah L., Benjamin, Flora, Joseph C., Grant, George, Lizzie, Clara B., Clarence W., and Elmer D.

Joseph Sr. died on July 23, 1902. Elizabeth died on July 20, 1914.

*      *      *      *      *

Esau A. Allen, a son of Joseph Sr., and Elzira McDowell Allen came to this community from Wapello county, Iowa, in 1881. They farmed until 1903. Then Esau and his son, L. Cressie, were in the hardware business in Zearing.

Esau and Elzira were the parents of six children. They were Bertha E., L. Cressie, William B., Florence I., Delpha, and Vernie L. Vernie L. married E. R. Hein of Hubbard, Iowa. None of the children lived in this community after the 1920's.

Esau died on October 18, 1907. Elzira died on January 20, 1930.

*      *      *      *      *

Jacob M. Allen, a son of Joseph Sr., was born near Bladensburg, Wapello county, Iowa, on September 3, 1855. He came to this community in 1880. Nellie Dimmitt was born on March 3, 1865, at Lynnville, Iowa. She came to this community with her parents in 1879. Jacob and Nellie were married on December 4, 1881.

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