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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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Community Organizations93
Charter Members
Roea McCallSusie Williams Stella FitchCecelia Wohlheter Bertha CliftGrace Burkhart Isabella RuxtonJennie Williams Nettie PattonLeona Armstrong Alta FitchRica Schultze Mabel CliftAnna E. Fry
Diogenes Party—1895

The party was held at the home of Sherry Montgomery McCall. The following program was given:

Guitar DuetNettie Patton, Cecelia Wohlheter
RecitationJennie Williams
Paper (Our Thanksgiving Day)Rica Schultze
Thanksgiving StoryAlta Fitch
TrioCecelia Wohlheter, Grace Burkhart, Nettie Armstrong
RecitationMaggie Guthrie
Paper (Ideals)Nettie Patton
RecitationBertha Clift
SoloNettie Armstrong
Oration (Little Things)Bertha Schultze
RecitationJennie Ruxton
History of the DiogenesLeona Armstrong
QuartetMabel Clift, Alta Fitch, Grace Burkhart, Susie Williams

Guests (in addition to those on the program) : Isabella Ruxton, Grace Richardson, Etta Mendenhall, Stella Fitch, Anna E. Fry, Anna E. Grimm, George Bales, Denison A. Tisdale, George Swain, Harry Delano, George E. Airhart, Howard Manly, Fred Schauper, Hubert E. Burkhart, Bert Price, Walter Craft, Charles Armstrong, Nathan C. Fry, John Henry Norton, R. D. Norton, Frank Perry, Thomas E. Pollock, Floyd L. Farber, C. E. Peck, and Sidney Clift.

Zearing Chapter No. 237, Order of the Eastern Star

The following information was furnished by Ruth Thornton Chance and Myrtle Wolford Eley.

The chapter was duly organized by Grand Worthy Matron, Mrs. Delia Meredith, on March 22, 1898. The following officers were elected at the organization meeting.

Jane Perry GollyWorthy Matron
Sherry Montgomery McCallWorthy Patron
Anna Reese McCall Associate Matron
William H. GollySecretary
Robert R. PollockTreasurer
Clara George Pollock Conductress
Mary Swanson JondallAssociate Conductress
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