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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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82Community History, Zearing, Iowa

it should be mentioned that the charter membership list does not seem to agree with the 1880 date. It is possible that active church workers dating from the first meeting were included on the list of charter members. It is also possible that the 1880 date is not correct.

Sarah Greer Stebbins is on the charter membership list. She died on February 26, 1879. That was a long time before the 1880 date. Charles Williams and several members of his family were included as charter members. The evidence indicates that Charles Williams moved his family, to Marshalltown, Iowa, prior to the 1880 date.

Christian Church

According to Lena Richardson Warner a great revival led to the founding of the Christian Church. Forty people were baptized in the local creek in midwinter. Steps were cut in the ice so that they could enter the water. No one hesitated. They stood by their convictions.

A newspaper story published in 1887 stated that the revival was held in February of that year. Rev. W. J. Hahn and Rev. J. W. Sibbett were in charge. Nine persons were baptized the first day. The remaining persons were baptized the second day.

Immediately after the revival, Rev. J. W. Sibbett, who was preaching at Hubbard, Iowa, organized the Christian Church of Zearing. The church was founded in 1887 but the first services were held in the Evangelical Church and at the school house. It wasn't until June of 1888 that the two lots were purchased on west Main Street and a building erected. Rev. Sibbett announced in February of 1888 that sufficient pledges had been secured to build the church.

Many of the church records are missing. However, we know that there were sixty-three charter members. We do not have the names of all of the charter members.

Charter Members
Anna M. Albaugh BurkhartAngeline Mills Stebbins
Sarah Burton RichardsonJ. Wesley Deal
Bell Williams ArmstrongElizabeth Fenton Deal
Lucy Williams ArmstrongCyrus P. Bean
Susie Williams CoffeltMarion Brown Bean
Jennie Williams PriceCharles L. Belden
Sadie Williams BurkhartAddie Norton Belden
Laura Williams KeenenJohn Henry Guthrie
Asa M. WilliamsMinerva Williams Guthrie
Mary Ellen Cornell WilliamsNathan A. Perry
Lillian Golly BeattyMary A. Vandevanter Perry
Sarah Pope ChanceMyron C. Ufford
Mary Delaney BakerElla Chance Ufford
Minnie DelaneyEsau A. Allen
E. A. TorrenceElzira McDowell
Allen Stebbins
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