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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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72Community History, Zearing, Iowa

Grove Cemetery. It is probable that most of the early burials in the Zearing Cemetery were the bodies moved from other burial places.

The earliest recorded lots we have been able to find in the records were two sold on April 7, 1884. One of the lots was sold to Adam K. Guthrie. The other one was sold to William A. Bowman.

The legal records of the two lots listed above were written in long hand. Three signatures appeared on the records of each lot. The signatures were :

John Adams—Chairman, Board of Trustees
J. H. V. Willits—Township Clerk
James M. Price—Justice of the Peace

For many years the Zearing Cemetery Society hired the caretaker and had charge of operating the cemetery. In recent years the township trustees have been in complete charge.

According to a local official, additions to the original cemetery were made in 1894, 1914, 1927, and 1942. The Zearing Cemetery is a beautiful place in 1956. Hugh R. Good, the custodian, does an excellent job. The Zearing Cemetery Society assists in every way

Zearing Mausoleum

A mausoleum of the size of the one in the Zearing Cemetery is usually found in a city. Photographed by Loren E. Norman in 1954.

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