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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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60Community History, Zearing, Iowa

The new school building was constructed at the north edge of Zearing. It was located southwest of the intersection of Center Street and the county road. The first classes were held in the new building in the fall of 1921.

Members of the first consolidated school board were Oliver P. Abbey, Manly E. Dakins, Winnie W. Carver, John A. Johnston, and Clyde Bailey. The new building was dedicated on November 17, 1921. The following program was given :

Two Numbers—Double Quartet
Harp Solo—Grace Gogerty
Address—Maude Wakefield
Forward—Fred Rost
Address—Dr. Holmes, Drake University
Teachers Strike

There was a strike of nine teachers of the school on March 21, 1922. The cause of the strike was a disagreement among the faculty members.

The high school students enjoyed the strike very much. They spent the day parading about the town, driving about the country, and dancing in the gymnasium. The dance in the gymnasium caused a great deal of comment among the more conservative people of our community. It was the first dance ever held in a Zearing school gymnasium.

The striking teachers apologized and returned to work. The following public apology was published in The Tri County News.

“We, the undersigned teachers, wish to apologize, and each for herself apologizes, to the school board and the public of Lincoln township for our action on the morning of March 21, 1922, and we accept the conditions as stated in the minutes of the meeting of the school board of date, March 21, 1922.”

New Gymnasium

Immediately following World War II, a bond issue of $75,000 was proposed for the purpose of constructing a new gymnasium and increasing the number of class rooms. A red hot election was held and the bond issue was defeated.

On March 10, 1952, a bond issue of $115,000 was voted for the purpose of constructing a new gymnasium and enlarging the school facilities. The bond issue carried 268 to 70.

The new gymnasium was opened for public use on April 17, 1953. The athletic banquet was held in the gymnasium on that date. Lyle Quinn, secretary of the Boys Iowa Athletic Association, was the guest speaker. The O. E. S. served the banquet.

The gymnasium was dedicated on September 20, 1953. A number of prominent local residents took part in the program. Superintendent Cliff Evans presided. Former superintendent Howard L.

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