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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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40Community History, Zearing, Iowa
Miscellaneous Items

Substitute carriers Orley G. Reese, Orville A. Cerka, and Loren E. Norman carried the rural mail more times than any other substitute carriers.

William A. Reese had the most unusual rural carrier's vehicle ever seen on the Zearing routes. It consisted of a spring wagon with a small building built on it. The small building contained William, an oil stove, a sorting case for mail, and all of the route mail. There was a small opening in the front so that William could drive his team.

William A. Reese and Ana McDowell Thatcher distributed candy to the children on their routes at Christmas time. In return the patrons gave the carriers chickens and other gifts for Christmas.

The Tri County News, October 30, 1924, contained the following item:

“Carl Greenberg claims the honor of being the first person in Zearing to receive a letter by airplane mail. The letter was from Emma Greenberg Cook of San Francisco, California. It cost 24 cents to send.”

The post office at Zearing, Iowa, was moved from the Belden building, located west of the intersection of Main Street and Center Street, to the Phillips building on January 29, 1956. The Phillips building is located on the north side of Main Street between Pearl Street and Center Street. The Phillips building is a part of the Dr. Brown and State Savings Bank building which was built in 1901.

Zearing Business Summary

The Story County Watchman of Nevada, Iowa, dated April 3, 1882, stated that Zearing was larger than some Story county towns twenty years old. Zearing was six months old on April 17, 1882.

The Watchman listed the following Zearing business men and business firms for that date, April 3, 1882.

Albert W. SquiresPostmaster
Patton & JohnsonHardware
J. H. V. WillitsDrugs
Nathaniel R. CliftFarm Implements
Gordon WoodGroceries
Gus M. TuttleGroceries
Joseph M. IngramGroceries
Robert A. DoolHarness
Williams BrothersMeat Market
John RogersBlacksmith

The Watchman of April 3, had a special hotel item. It stated that the hotel was kept by the old resident and standby, John S. Golly. The news item also said that the hotel was one of the best in the county.

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