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38Community History, Zearing, Iowa

We are not certain if the post office remained in the same location when Charles A. Huling was the postmaster. It could have been moved to another farm. We have no evidence that it was. Lena Richardson Warner said that when she was a little girl she received the mail for the Richardson family from Joseph M. Bunker. She would walk to the Sunset post office on Fridays and Joseph would give her the family mail.

Lena's statement puzzled us for a long time. However, we know now that Joseph M. Bunker was the stepfather of Charles A. Huling.

The Sunset post office was closed on January 19, 1881. It was the first post office in Lincoln township.

PostmasterDate of Appointment
Charles H. WilliamsMarch 20, 1878
Charles A. Huling April 12, 1880

The Zearing post office was established on December 20, 1881. Albert W. Squires, the last postmaster at Illinois Grove, became the first postmaster of Zearing.

PostmasterDate of Appointment
Albert W. Squires December 20, 1881
John C. BurkhartMay 8, 1882
Albert D. HixOctober 28, 1885
William H. ShaferMay 13, 1889
Albert D. HixJune 29, 1893
Nathaniel R. Clift. (Not Commissioned)July 31, 1897
William H. ShaferAugust 5, 1897
Hubert E. BurkhartSeptember 30, 1901
Cyrus P. BeanJuly 13, 1905
Albert D. HixJune 26, 1913
Merle H. LaycockAugust 9, 1921
George W. Phillips (Acting)December 6, 1922
Joseph C. AllenMarch 1, 1923
Donald H. GrimmApril 15, 1935
Leon Deal (Acting–Grimm on Military Leave)February 28, 1943
Donald H. Grimm (Serving in 1956) February 28, 1946
Rural Mail Service

Ellenor Bull Flower gave a good description of the mail service in rural areas before the establishment of rural routes. She said that her brother, Layfette Bull, walked the five miles to Illinois Grove every Saturday to get the mail. The family mail usually consisted of one newspaper. If it was dark so that Layfette could not see the trail, he would take off his boots and walk barefooted. A barefooted person could find where the trail was located in the dark.

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