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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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Mayor and Council in 1912

The mayor and town councilmen in the picture were elected on March 25, 1912. Councilman Edgar D. Reed was not present when the picture was taken. Back row, left to right: Cyrus P. Bean, Henry D. Moon. Front row, left to right: J. Wesley Deal, Mayor A. Deyo LeFevre, William Mayer Albright.

Photograph furnished for this history by Harry LeFevre.

Zearing business men asked that the section boss be allowed to hold his job. Their opinion was that the prisoner was an excellent person when sober. They requested that he hold the job as long as he remained sober.

The results of the first election in the incorporated town of Zearing were :

Mayor—Asa M. Williams
Assessor—Dr. F. S. Newton
Recorder—Joseph M. Ingram
Treasurer—Joseph Johnson
Councilmen—William F. Lewis, W. H. Brooks, Chester A. Burgess, George Patton, Nathaniel R. Clift, Gus M. Tuttle

James S. Smith in a letter published in a 1902 atlas of Story county listed the following early mayors of Zearing:

1881-83Asa M. Williams1888-89Nathaniel R. Clift
1884-85Joseph Johnson1890-94James S. Smith
1886Chester A. Burgess1895-01Nathaniel R. Clift
1887J. H. V. Willits1902George A. Fox
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