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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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32Community History, Zearing, Iowa

famous suffrage leader, lived in Adams. She was a first cousin of my father.

“My father, Edward George Richardson, and my mother, Sarah E. Burton, were married at Earlville, Illinois, on November 20, 1867. Edward was born near Earlville. His father was a dairyman and cheese maker. Sarah was born near Akron, Ohio. Her father was a Baptist minister.

“Five of the children are living in 1953. Mrs. Nellie Richardson Lewis Warner lives at Cedar Falls, Iowa. Miss Grace Richardson lives at Evanston, Illinois. Burton and Chester are residents of Chicago, Illinois. My home is at Parkersburg, Iowa.

“Grace worked for the New York Evening Mail newspaper for many years. At the present time she is working at the W.C.T.U. national headquarters at Evanston, Illinois. Burton has been a printer in Chicago most of his life. Chester became the chief engineer of the refrigerator car research for the Association of American Railroads. After teaching school for seven years, I married Dr. Warner of Parkersburg, Iowa.“

I think more information should be added to the above story. The Richardson family moved to Lincoln township, Story county, Iowa, in 1875. Their home is still standing. It has been remodeled several times but a part of it is still the original. The first house in Zearing, Iowa, is owned in 1955 by Dr. Charles L. Hall.

To locate Zearing's first house in 1955, go to the intersection of Main Street and Center Street. Go north on Center Street for one-half block. The house is on the west side of Center Street.

Edward and Sarah were the parents of seven children. They were Nellie, George, Edward A., Lena, Grace, Burton, and Chester.

Burton and Nellie have died since Lena wrote her account of the first family.

Judge William Mitchell Zearing's Gift to Zearing, Iowa

Judge William Mitchell Zearing's part in the bargain remained a mystery for some time. The brother merely said that he was certain that the Judge would give the town a gift.

Some pioneers hoped that the Judge would establish a Zearing college here. Perhaps their hopes might have been realized had it not been for the Chicago fire. As we stated before the Judge sustained heavy financial losses in the fire.

Time passed and the new church building in Zearing was nearing completion. Someone wrote the Judge and told him a church bell was needed. A church bell for the new church was Judge Zearing's gift to Zearing, Iowa.

Readers will find the story of the Zearing church bell in the history of the Evangelical Church.

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