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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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Military History235
Schuler, LawrenceOakes, Asher
Christianson, LavernFleming, Donald
Lund, WalterChance, Clarence
Roche, JamesJohnson, Alvin
Stackhouse, MerrillColeman, Russell
Miller, TedCoe, Neal
LeFevre, ClaudeJones, Wayne
Twentier, MaxWheelock, Robert
Snover, DelmarLundy, Paul
Manning, DaleLutz, John
Deal, CarrollLeFevre, Clifford
Joyce, JessJohnson, Robert
Golly, HartleyBrouhard, William
Reese, MerlinJones, Glen
Perisho, VernBaker, Glen
Pulley, LyleGogerty, Henry
Beach, LloydDeal, Wayne
Miller, DenverGolly, Duane
Allen, Junior E.Erickson, Clyde
Brouhard, DonaldWickham, Harold
Brouhard, RobertGaunt, George
Lewis, CharlesKleespie, Raymond
Ricketts, RobertBlayney, Roberta
Harmon, RalphReed, Wayne
Moon, LeoOakes, Smith
Moffit, EdwardNighsonger, Floyd
McBride, HarlowBissell, Lyle
Mallet, LeonardBarnard, Charles Jr.
Cerka, Elmer
Personal Items
World War II

The following items were taken from the records of Donald H. Grimm, Historian, Post 116. It was impossible to include all of the veterans listed on the honor roll. Names were selected based upon membership in Post 116. The veterans included returned to our community after the war with the intention of establishing their homes here.

Perisho, William A.—Bill received two air medals for submarine sinkings. He served with Squadron V. P. 74 of the Navy Air Force.

Wheelock, Paul N.—While hauling ammunition on the Anzio beach head, Paul found the road blocked by a jeep. Paul became excited because he was in an area exposed to enemy fire. Then he discovered that the man in the jeep was Lieutenant Max Twentier, a former Zearing resident.

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