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Military History233
U. S. S. Schurz
Lee E. Moore — Crew Member

The U. S. S. Schurz was sunk off the coast of Florida in June, 1918. In a letter dated June 23, 1918, Lee E. Moore tells the story.

“I found that we were struck by another ship. Our ship had begun to sink pretty fast so we got into our boats, mine was the first whale boat, and shoved off.

“The sea was pretty rough. We would go high in the air and then down again. It was real exciting.

“The ship that struck us was the U. S. S. Florida, an oil tanker. She backed off and waited for us. We all got away except one man. killed on watch on the bridge. We were all picked up by the Florida after being in the water about one hour.”

Honor Roll
November 12, 1918 — December 6, 1941

Allen, WYNBURN BRUCE—Battery F, 59th Coast Artillery Army Serial No. 6791139

Wynburn enlisted on September 19, 1927. He was discharged on September 18, 1930. Wynburn was a native of Zearing. He was the son of L. Cressie and Ina Allen.

BORN: 1905; DIED: 1949; BURIED: Zearing Cemetery, Zearing, Iowa.

BATSON, LOREIN C.—Battery A, 62nd Coast Artillery Army Serial No. 6529495

The name is spelled Loren on the tombstone. He enlisted on May 12, 1924, at Fort Missoula, Montana. He was discharged on May 11, 1927, at Fort Totten, New York. Lorein lived at St. Anthony, Iowa.

BORN: 1901; DIED: 1944; BURIED: Illinois Grove Cemetery, Marshall County, Iowa.

STEELMAN, LYLE E.—U. S. S. Maryland

Lyle enlisted in the Navy on January 10, 1937. He was discharged on December 7, 1940. Lyle is a Zearing electrician in 1956.

BORN: January 27, 1918.

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