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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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ment was completed for the proposed new community hall. Then Ed Jungst, local contractor, turned in his report. In Ed's opinion, completing the community hall according to plans would cost $18,000. Ed's report caused consternation. Post 116 decided that the cost was too great. Kenneth L. Cerka took back his lot. Post 116 lost the cost of digging the basement. Glen F. McBride bought the basement and lot from Cerka and built a new feed store.

About the time the community hall project was rejected it was discovered that the house located northwest of the intersection of Main Street and Pearl Street was for sale. The house belonged to the Oliver J. Lacey estate. It was a large house and Post 116 decided to buy it for $5,500. Commander Lee E. Moore and a group of volunteers remodeled the inside of the house. Open house was held in the new hall in the spring of 1949.

There was never any mortgage. Proceeds from the 1947 farming project, sale of the old hall to George J. Lutz for $800, proceeds from the December 4, 1948, white elephant sale, and personal contributions by the legionnaires paid the entire cost of the. new hall.

Fred A. Haase was the resident caretaker of the hall from 1949 until 1953. Barney Havens became the caretaker in 1954.

Wayne C. Dudley was the first veteran of the Korean War to join Post 116.

Post 116 was in charge of the traffic and parking for the National Soil Conservation Field Day at the Dakins farm on September 19, 1950. The event was sponsored by The Des Moines Register & Tribune and attracted a crowd of about 40,000. John A. Lund Jr. was the traffic chairman.

Zearing Post 116 was the first post in Iowa to turn in its 1953 membership quota. Post 110 also ranked first in 1954. Post 116 ranked second in Iowa in 1955 and 1956. However, Post 116 has turned in its 1957 quota and regained its former ranking of first in Iowa. Eighty-six members have signed up for 1957.

Post 116 purchased post colors during the 1954-55 year. The $158 needed came in part from contributions. Contributions were from Arthur P. Couser and Jesse L. Abbey. The remainder of the cost was from the general fund.

In May ot 1956, Post 116 erected a flag pole at the Zearing Cemetery. The flag used at the cemetery was donated to the post for that purpose by Lavern B. Christianson. It was the flag used to drape the coffin of Severin A. Christianson, Lavern's father.

The firing squad purchased new sun tans, helmets, and leggings during the 1955-56 year. The squad led the parade at the Colo, Iowa, celebration in June, 1956.

Charles Raymond Kleespie's work as Service Officer has gained him recognition beyond the borders of our community. He is recognized as one of the best in this section of Iowa.

Memorial Day services have been held at the Zearing Cemetery in recent years. The idea has been termed excellent except for one

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