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late 1800's and early 1900's. The husband's name was Frank. After Frank's death the widow, Cora, married Isaac Buker. Other members of the Bolton family were Lester, Oscar, and George.

Charles Edwards was a well known resident of our community Other members of the Edwards family were Hazel, Harry, and Oscar E. We understand that Oscar E. was a brother of Charles.

John Henry Jondall and his wife, Mary Swanson Jondall, lived in Zearing in the late 1890's. John Henry owned a furniture store. There were daughters in the family and a son, Hosea.

George Washington Van Dusen was very prominent in our community. Grant Van Dusen married Lulu Rogers. Other members of the family, the names we have, were Mae, Edward, and John. George Washington Van Dusen died on September 29, 1908. He is buried in the Zearing Cemetery.

Hiram Kersey was a local Civil War veteran. Simon Kersey was the first custodian of the Zearing Cemetery. William Kersey was a Zearing business man.

1900 - 1910

I tried to get a family sketch for the Ellicott family. I did not get it. F. P. Ellicott was a prominent resident of our community in the early 1900's. His wife, Jennie, was a member of the Ambrose family of Nevada, Iowa.

John J. Sullivan was a local carpenter.

Jacob Roadenizer did veterinary work in our community.

George E. Fox was a local photographer and editor. Other members of the Fox family were Ruby, Vera, and Robert.

Enoch N. Faris married Mary Ella Lacey. They were the parents of a son, John. John is a dentist living in California in 1956.

Ernest M. Hedges married Alice Shaw. They were the parents of a daughter, Eva. Ernest was a Zearing bank official for many years. The family lives in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1956.

There was a Kohl family living near Zearing in the early 1900's. The father's name was Daniel. Two children were living at home when the family lived in our community. They were Ruth and Lloyd. We do not have the mother's name.

Bradford Bagley was a Zearing house painter.

I wish that I had more information about the Hertz family. Dr. Hertz ruined his health serving others. His wife's name was Birdie. There was a daughter, Helen.

Irvin Clay was a prominent farmer living northwest of Zearing. A daughter, Lola, married Robert H. Smith. Mrs. Clay was my first Sunday School teacher.

1911 - 1919

Fourteen families have been selected for this period on the basis of community activities. The families selected came to our community after 1910 and before 1920. At least one member of each of

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