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Our Rural Community17

Under this heading we are including only the country schools of Lincoln township.

The Wickham School

The Wickham school house was the first school house in Lincoln township and also the first public building. The school house was used for public meetings, church, and social affairs.

The Wickham school was located in the northeast corner of the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 of Section 15. Because it was a very important building in the pioneer history of Lincoln township, we tried every source of information we could think of to establish the date it was built. We also wanted the name of the person who built it. We failed to get the desired information.

Wickham School

This picture of the Wickham school was taken after the school house had been abandoned. The picture was furnished for this history by Lulu Wickham Cerka.

We are certain that the Wickham school house was built sometime between 1860 and April 25, 1868. There were no children of school age living near Section 15 prior to 1860. The contract for the second school house in Lincoln township was let on April 25, 1868. When the Wickham school house was built it contained log seats and a dirt floor. The building was improved later.

We have one list of the enrolled pupils at the Wickham school. The list was contained in the report of Ben B. Smith, teacher, for the period from December 6, 1886, to February 28, 1887. Miss May Phillips gave us the report.

Mary WickhamOra Mitchell
Jane WickhamEmma Mitchell
Lydia WickhamEmery Starr
Charles WickhamWilliam Mitchell
William WickhamAnna Wickham
Orren HolcombElla Morris
Laura StarrCharles Morris
Frank WickhamJohn Morris
Cornell WickhamVirgil Lancaster
John WickhamGeorgia Morris
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