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A short time after Horatio started farming the above land, he was stricken by a fever. As a result he lost the farm. However, relatives in New York came to his aid and he purchased the SE½ of the SW¼ of Section 10. He established his home on this land and lived there for many years.

Horatio and Pauline were the parents of fifteen children. They were:

Eliza J., born in Iowa on September 25, 1858. She married Henry Bunker. They lived in Missouri.

Harriet Elizabeth, born in Iowa on December 10, 1859. She married Bert Abbott. They lived in Illinois Grove.

Minerva Bell, born in New York on January 30, 1861. She did not marry. Minerva was the only one of the children born in New York. It seems that on the way home with the new baby, Horatio and Pauline were confronted with the problem of a sick horse. They were alone on the prairie some miles from home. It was night.

Horatio decided to walk home for another horse. He gave the gun to Pauline and told her to stay in the wagon with the little girls, Eliza and Harriet, and the baby, Minerva. Pauline was alone on the prairie with the children nearly all night. She said later that the thought of wolves or a bear frightened her the most.

Robert Harry, born in Iowa on March 9, 1862. He was a surveyor.

Henrietta, born in Iowa on May 22, 1863. She married Albert Jessup. Henrietta died in a prairie fire in South Dakota in 1889.

Frank Delos, born in Iowa on December 3, 1864. He lived in Lincoln township. Frank did not marry.

Mary Pauline, born in Iowa on October 7, 1866. She married Edward (Ned) Adams. They lived in Lincoln township.

William Russell, born in Iowa on November 11, 1867. He married Phoebe Phillips. They lived in Lincoln township.

Charles Orren, born in Iowa on January 29, 1869. He married Jessie Madole. They lived in Lincoln township.

Lydia Ellen, born in Iowa on August 10, 1870. She married George W. Arrasmith. They lived in Lincoln township.

Eva Jane, born in Iowa on February 20, 1872. She married Lewis Phillips Sr. They lived in Lincoln township.

Ezra Cornell, born in Iowa on November 9, 1874. He moved to Virginia.

Anna Laura, born in Iowa on March 26, 1876. She lived in Nevada, Iowa. Anna did not marry.

John Quincy, born in Iowa on November 9, 1877. He married Dora Rich. John was the city engineer of Ames, Iowa. Later he moved to Florida. John was killed in an auto accident in Florida in 1940.

Lulu Edith, born in Iowa on August 18, 1882. She married Henry A. Cerka. They lived in Lincoln township.

Lulu Edith is the only daughter of Horatio and Pauline who is living in 1956. Ezra Cornell is the only son alive in 1956.

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