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Our Rural Community13
David, age 14, native of Pennsylvania
Martha E., age 12, native of Pennsylvania
Michael, age 10, native of Pennsylvania
William, age 4, native of Pennsylvania
1860–Iowa Agriculural Census
Jacob Y. Miller
60 acres improved, 60 acres unimproved—cash value, $800
Farm implements—cash value, $75
Livestock—4 horses, 2 milk cows, 6 hogs—cash value, $250
Grain—80 bushels wheat, 50 bushels Indian corn, 50 bushels oats

Information concerning the Miller family covers the period from 1855 to 1860. There is no record giving the destination of the Miller family when the family left Lincoln township. I could not locate their old home in Pennsylvania.


The Barkdull family moved to their farm in the territory which later became Lincoln township in the late summer of 1855. Silas Barkdull owned the N½ of the NW¼ of Section 12.

The land that Barkdull owned in 1855 is owned by Rolland Philpot, Story county assessor, in 1956. Rolland checked his abstract and gave me the information it contained.

1856–Iowa Census
Silas Barkdull, age 27, native of Ohio
Ann, age 31, native of England
Sarah J., age 6, native of Ohio
John 0., age 6, native of Ohio
Caroline, age 2, native of Ohio
Ruth A., age 0, native of Iowa

The Barkdull family did not live in Lincoln township very long. According to the information furnished by Rolland Philpot, the family moved to Mitchell county, Iowa, in 1857.


Horatio C. Wickham stated that the Ragan family lived in the northeast part of Section 3 in the territory that later became Lincoln township. Clarence Twedt of Story City, Iowa, owns the land in 1956. Clarence could not find the name Ragan on his abstract.

After more investigation I discovered that the land where Ragan lived was in dispute. Both Ragan and John Gilmore Sr. claimed title to it. Gilmore won and in the summer of 1856, Ragan moved from Lincoln township. Ragan had moved to Lincoln township in the late summer of 1855.

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