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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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12Community History, Zearing, Iowa

5½ cents per pound. From this claim it can be determined that John Campbell died some time between September 4, 1858, and March 17, 1859.

The marriage record shows that the widow, Anna Maria Miller Campbell, was married to John Thomas Wyatt on August 4, 1859, at Nevada, Iowa, by County Judge G. A. Kellogg.

1860–Iowa Census
John Thomas Wyatt, age 20, native of Indiana
Anna Maria Miller Campbell Wyatt, wife, age 23, native of Pennsylvania
Mary Jane Campbell, age 4, native of Iowa
Frank Andrew Campbell, age 2, native of Iowa

We have very little additional information. John Thomas Wyatt enlisted in the Army when the Civil War started. His residence was given as Marshalltown, Iowa, at that time. Wyatt is buried in the Soldiers Home Cemetery at Marshalltown.

We found no records after the 1860 census containing information about Anna Maria or the children. Not even Wyatt's pension application.

We are curious about the burial place of John Campbell. Was he buried on his farm? Or was his body taken to some distant burial place. Only a few cemeteries were in existence in this area in 1858-1859. We could not find a record of the burial of John Campbell in any of them.

The Jacob Y. Miller Family

Members of the Jacob Y. Miller family were the first settlers to actually live in a permanent residence in the territory which was later named Lincoln township. The Miller family moved to their farm in Section 12 in the spring of 1855.

There is evidence that Jacob Y. Miller may have been the father-in-law of the first settler, John Campbell. We are stating the possibility. We can not prove it.

The land owned by Miller in 1855 is owned by Hillis H. Crain in 1956. Hillis graciously allowed us to use his abstract to obtain information for this history. The abstract showed that Jacob Y. Miller owned the E1/2 of the SE1/4 of Section 12. Approximately eighty-three acres at that time because there were no roads.

There are no buildings or trees in 1956 to mark the site where Miller lived in 1855. To locate the site hi 1956, go to the southeast corner of Section 12. Go north on the east side of Section 12. Just before you reach the one-half mile line you will notice a small hill on the west side of the road in Section 12. Miller lived there.

1856–Iowa Census
Jacob Y. Miller, age 45, native of Germany, naturalized voter
Ellen, wife, age 46, native of Pennsylvania
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