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penter, and assistant in the post office during his life in this community.

Clarence died on September 27, 1946. Lena is living in Zearing in 1955.

*      *      *      *      *

Elmer D., a son of Joseph Sr., died in this community. He was a young man at the time of his death. Elmer D. died on August 14, 1895. He is buried in the Zearing Cemetery.


The name Armstrong was a prominent name on Main Street in Zearing for many years. Bennett was a leader in the local G. A. R.

Bennett A. Armstrong was born April 25, 1843, in Jo Daviess county, Illinois. Malvina Haworth was born on June 19, 1842, in Keokuk county, Iowa. Bennett and Malvina were married on March 7, 1866, in the Xenia community of Hardin county, Iowa. They moved to Zearing, Iowa, in 1886. In 1888, the family moved to Ames, Iowa. They returned to Zearing in 1892.

Bennett promoted the first Zearing bank. He also organized a bank at Ames during the time he lived there. Bennett reentered the mercantile business in Zearing in 1892.

Bennett and Malvina were the parents of four children. They were Jesse, Frank, Leona, and Nettie. Jesse was in business in Zearing for many years. Leona Armstrong Perry is living in our community in 1955.

Bennett died on March 21, 1919. Malvina died on March 8, 1935.

*      *      *      *      *

James C. Armstrong was born on November 1, 1861, in Hardin county, Iowa. He came to Zearing, Iowa, as a young man. James married Flora Bell Williams of our community in 1890. They moved to New Providence, Iowa, in 1904.

James and Bell were the parents of three children. Two of the sons, James C. Jr., and Theodore L., were living in Fargo, North Dakota, in 1933.


The Arrasmith family is listed in Allen's history of Story county. The family also appears in the 1890 history of Story county. The Arrasmith family was one of the first families in Story county.

George W. Arrasmith was born in Story county, Iowa, on April 26, 1857. George married Rose Smith on September 14, 1879. George and Rose were the parents of two children. They were Alvina J. and Ethel M. Rose died on January 15, 1891.

On November 30, 1898, George married Lydia Wickham. Lydia

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