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Zearing, Iowa 1956 History

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10Community History, Zearing, Iowa

June 4, 1866: A petition from Horatio C. Wickham and others praying for the organization of a new township in the northeast corner of the county was presented and on motion of Shenkle, it was referred to a special committee consisting of Thompson, Boyes, and Shenkle.

June 5, 1866: On the petition of Horatio C. Wickham and others for the organization of a new township in the northeast corner of the county, to be known as a civil township by the name of Dayton, the committee reported favorably and the report was adopted by the board. The committee report was signed by F. D. Thompson, H. H. Boyes, and B. R. Shenkle.

June 6, 1866: Minutes of yesterday were read and approved with the following amendments. That the name of the new town- ship in the northeast corner of the county be called Lincoln, instead of Dayton, as adopted yesterday, and that the first election therein be holden at the school house near Illinois Grove.

I might point out that the school house mentioned could have been the Wickham school. It was the only school house that could have been in existence in 1866 within the boundaries of the new township. As I stated in another part of our history the Wickham school house was certainly built some time in the period from 1860 to April 25, 1868. The above directive seems to be possible evidence that the Wickham school house was built before June 6, 1866.


John CampbellLincoln Township's First Settler

Lincoln township was not named until 1866. However, John Campbell was the first settler in the territory that later became Lincoln township, Story county, Iowa. John was alone when he started farming in 1854. It is possible that he may have camped on his land. He did not build a permanent residence in 1854. John was married in the spring of 1855. John and his wife moved to a permanent residence on the farm in 1856.

It might be interesting for our readers to know the procedure whereby John Campbell acquired his first eighty acres. Lynn W. Eley, Ph. D., of Washington, D. C., obtained the information from the land office in Washington.

Forty acres were given by Military Warrant No. 7242 to a soldier by the name of Melville Wambaugh for his service in the Mexican War. Wambaugh assigned the warrant to Hoyt Sherman of Polk county, Iowa.

Francis W. Sims held forty acres under Military Warrant No. 95,388 for his service in the Mexican War. Sims also assigned his warrant to Hoyt Sherman.

Hoyt Sherman sold the land described above to John Campbell. Later John acquired another forty acres from Hoyt Sherman. John

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