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1934: Top: Genevieve Donaldson, Argyle Cole, Ray Watson, Robert Alfred, Lucile Larson. 2nd: Marion Olinger, Gladys Earwicker, Esther Burley, Dannie Wheelock. 3rd: Mary Allen, Supt Morgan, Virginia Brooks.
1935: Lucille Prescott, Ardis Jacobson, Grace Tendall, Arlene Langland, Cordelia Gilreath, Ester Hovland. 2nd: Dwight Fausch, Marjorie Frey, Palma Durby, Florence Rasmusson, Esther Ersland, LaVerne Jacobson. 3rd: Myron Larsen, Robert Lawson, Supt AJ Johnson, Elmer Watson, Boyd Arrasmith.
1936: Top: Supt BG Halverson, Virgil Brooks, Betty McCord, Laverne Sorensen. 2nd: Donald Starbuck, Edward Eller, Walter Dale, Lester Shickell. 3rd: Frances Rasmusson, Fay Beal, Joseph Burley, Earl Lee, Marvin Jacobson, Mary Hopper.
1937: Top: Clifford Thomsen, Katherine (Not Dorothy) Tendall, Maxine Cooper, Harvey Beal. 2nd: Supt Halverson, Richard Sorensen, Edward Sorensen, Lester Molde, Fred "Fritz" Eller.
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