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Above: Milford Merry Maids' representative, Ila Mae Bailey `46, third from left, won the Story County 4-H Dress Review in 1946. Photo taken at the 4-H Community Building in Nevada. The outfit cost Ila $11.00.
Pleasant Grove School in about 1917: L-R: Viola or Bertha Haas, Mildred Starkey, Teacher Vista Raines, Helen Starkey, Ida Jacobs, Gertrude Harper, and Cary Starkey along the south side of the School.
More about Pleasant Grove School on pages 57 and 59. .
Lower: At Pleasant Grove (No order given) Si, Bert, and Casper Thompson; Lyman Morgan; Floyd, Bill, Carrie, Mildred, and Helen Starkey; Galen and Clare Sowers; Bertha and Viola Haas; Ida Jacobs, Gertrude Harper. Probably in 1917 also. At one time during this time period there were 36 pupils.
Not that it has a lot to do "with and to" Milford Twp, but it's interesting to note that the four "standardized" time zones were established on 18 Nov 1883 from pressure by the Railroads and the traveling public. There had previously been 53 (fifty three) different time zones across the US.
1941 Milford Merry Maids 4-H meeting at the Stratton home in the SW of Sec 13. Above from left: Patty Allen `46, Jeanne Stratton `43, Betty Burley `44, Dorothy Harper `43, Alyce Burley `41 (Back to camera), Doris Bailey `44, Delores Borts `41, Mrs Stratton-leader.
Left: Jeanne Stratton `43 and Dorothy Harper `43 give a "Correct Posture" demonstration for County competition at the Nevada Field House in 1941. See more 4-H pages 238+, 265, 274, 279, 300, 319.
B.G. Halverson, Supt, back right, and his staff from sometime during WWII. Unfortunately, the names and the year have been lost; but it's a good picture. The student in the dark sweater by the post looks to be Bonny Rierson `52A.
Vivian Kimble, right, takes a moment with some friends to pose in this circa 1925 picture on the southwest lawn of the new School. Also, from left, tentatively, Clyta Graham, Vera Eubanks, and Margaret Twedt; all Seniors in 1927. Note; Bus Barn barely visible left of house.
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