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Mrs Lois Sandell 1951-1959
Meticulous in Expectations

Mrs Lois Sundean Sandell taught English, Home Economics, and "counseled" students about life. She was at Milford Twp for eight years from fall 1951 through spring of 1959 before going to the Nevada School system. Her expectations in garment construction resulted in excellent work by the girls in her classes and they were proud to use these results in the annual occasion of a "style show" --complete with several somewhat (very?) self-conscious boys as escorts.

Former students, both at Milford and Nevada, continue to express appreciation for her guidance in the classroom and life's domestic experiences.

Her husband, Howard, was the Story County Director of Human Services and was recruited by Mrs Sandell to play the piano for background music for her well-produced Style Shows. See page 289.

Mrs Sandell, a master of calligraphy, tediously wrote the graduates' names on many of the Graduation Pictures from the early days of Milford High School.

The 1956 "Spotlight", the school annual, was dedicated "affectionately" to Mrs Howard Sandell.

Mrs Sandell began teaching at Nevada in 1959 and continued the style show tradition until she retired in Nevada in 1971. See page 207.

Mrs Mary Allen 1954-1961
Popular Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Mary (McCall) Allen (wife of Phillip Allen). Mrs Allen was the first full day Kindergarten teacher at Milford. She started in Jan of 1955 and continued at her post for eight years until the closing of Milford Twp School in 1961. She was very caring and presented a motherly figure that radiated love and concern for her young students. She was the wife of Phil Allen who farmed and lived one mile east and three quarters south of the school.

Below: Mrs Allen doing one of the things she enjoyed most in the new addition to the school in 1958. Mr and Mrs Allen were the parents of three Milford Township students- Jane `50, David `55, & Eddie `58.

Vicki Tendall started kindergarten in 1954 and writes; "My, how we all loved Mrs Allen, Milford's famous kindergarten teacher. You can't imagine what a "mama's girl" I was. And I was extremely bashful. Another classmate of mine, Mary Kay Larsen, also was a bit of a "momma's girl" as we two girls would sit on each of Mrs. Allen's knees for the better part of the school day! I would have never made it through that first school year without Mrs Allen! Poor Mrs Allen had all five of us Tendall Kids ......... At Christmas time, when my youngest brother was in her class, my Mother decided to give her a nice gift from all of us. She bought her a silver serving tray with our names printed on it; "The Tendalls". I sure wish I knew where that platter is today. I think if I had six more teachers like her, I would have enjoyed school better. Mrs Allen was great!" Another kindergartner writes on page 94.

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