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Milford Township and Proud of It

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Milford Township
And Proud Of It
A History of Milford Township and Milford Township Consolidated School at Nevada, Iowa
Dale Hughes and Jurine Borton
Published 2011
Cover Page
Table of Contentsi-ii
IDevelopment and Demise of Milford School320
IISome Things About Milford Twp1944
IIISome of Milford Area Historical Sites and Notable Places4340
IVSome General History, Farming and Tragedies6126
VThe Milford Schools79206
List of Milford Graduates183-190
VISome of Milford’s People19176
All Known Milford Township Students276-279
Milford Graduate Photos (also 187-188)292-300
Eternal Residents in Milford’s Cemeteries323
Nevada Middle School Students at Milford Site326-334
Alphabetical Index of Graduates342
Charts, Time Lines, Lists344
Maps Index345
Photo Index345
General Index346

Front Cover by Sandra “Sandi” Nelson Allen, a commissioned artist who now lives near Omaha. She attended Milford High School but finished her High School education at Ames in 1959. She married fellow Milfordite, Eddie Allen 1958. Not only has she done this rendition of Milford, she has painted similar pictures of Fernald and Shipley Schools.

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