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1940 Boys Basketball Varsity

Back Row: Charley Sorensen, Leonard Jones, Ed Larsen, Don Wakefield, Stan Egland, Glen Sampson, Arnold Nelson, Coach Darrell Lindberg. Middle Row: Guy Wakefield, Julius Johnson, Harold Tjelmeland, Earl Johnson, Richard Comfort, Forest “Pete” Jones, ? Combs. Front Row: Bill Christy, Harlan Harper, Kermit Molde, Dixon Harper, Don Halverson, Glen Egland. No mention of a nickname for this team. This was the last year for the Blue and Gray Uniforms as a box social was held in Oct of 1940 to raise money for the purchase of the new uniforms seen below in the picture of the 1941 team.

1941 Boys Basketball

Back Row: Arnold Nelson, Kermit Molde, Stan Egland, Earl Johnson, Glen Sampson, Julius Johnson, Coach Darrell Lindbergh. Middle Row: Don Halverson, Guy Wakefield, Harlan Harper, Fred Matters, Harold Tjelmeland Front: Merril Johnson, Glen Egland. This picture was taken in the spring of 1941 and probably not at Milford. In the early fifties there were a couple or so of the red striped jerseys available at the gym but no one wanted to wear them because they were so baggy and shapeless. Also, there were a couple of the older gray jerseys such as Glen Egland is wearing but they were so itchy that no one would wear them. Both styles disappeared from the school sometime during this era. Notice the farmer’s tan on the arms of some of the fellows. It appears that everyone of the fellows had his sleeves rolled up past the elbow when working on the farm.

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