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1932 Varsity Basketball

Front Row: Max Arrasmith, Lowell Burley, Joe Alfred, Frank Crouse, Erwin Alfred. Back Row: Coach Arvid Lein, Jeffrey Jacobson, Floyd Twedt, Amil Twedt, Otis Cole. This group of fellows did quite well at tournament time: winning three and losing in the finals. They took second place in the 1932 Sectional tournament which, for them, was played in Boone. In the first round, played on the 7th of March, they beat Dana 19-11; in the second round they beat Gilbert 12-10 in two overtimes, and in the semifinal they beat Pilot Mound 22-14; however in the finals they fell to Boxholm by the score of 14-10. There were some other fellows who wore the Milford uniform during the basketball season also. In a game against North Grant, which it seems only went through the tenth grade, L. Hereim, George Allen, Marion Gilreath, Orlene Twedt, John Allen, George Allen, and Earl Prescott played as the team and won for Milford Township Consolidated School. In another game against Roland in Dec of 1931 (the first team lost 18-11 and the second team lost 13-4) the first team is listed as Joe Alfred, Jeff Jacobson, Floyd Twedt, Lowell Burley, and Frank Crouse. The second team listed Amil Twedt, Robert Alfred, Lester Brooks, Max Arrasmith, and Jeff Rasmusson.

1935 Milford Twp Varsity - The “ Bluejays”

Coach Duea, Myron Larsen, Henry Peterson, LaVerne Jacobson, Elmer Watson, Ed Eller. Milford Twp, as most of the teams in the North Story area of this time, had no girls competitive sports. There was a Varsity and a JR Varsity game played on the schedules. This Milford Twp varsity team won 11, lost 6.

The 1936 team received new suits. They were blue and white, the school colors. They consisted of blue satin trunks and white jerseys. During this time period, the Milford sports teams were called the Bluejays. This name was used occasionally for the teams beginning in 1931; however, by 1939 Milford’s basketball team was occasionally called “The Flyers”. The 1935 Story Co HS Basketball Tournament was held at the public field house in Ames.

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