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1927-’28: Dorothy Day and Bernita Howland 1928-’29: Jeffrey Rasmusson and Sylvia Paulson 1930: Eugene Thornton 1931: Boyd Arrasmith Yearly lists are very incomplete 1943: Margaret ‘Mickey’ Matters 1944: Cheerleaders, no picture: Marie Nassen, Betty Burley, Mickey Matters, Dorothy Molde, and Isabelle Brooks. 1945: Bill Allen, Harlan Nassen, Isabelle Brooks, Mickey Matters, Barb Hansen, and Duane Day. 1946: Jack Morris, Margaret ‘Mickey’ Matters 1947: Cheerleaders, no picture: Rose Larson, Alyce Matters, Mary Rierson and one unknown. 1948: Merril Anderson, Richard Sorem, Alyce Matters, Alyce Grindem, Roy Hartman, and Anne Allen. 1949: Merril Anderson, Art Sorem, Anne Allen, Roy Hartman, Alice Grindem, Alyce Matters. 1950: Alyce Matters, Alice Grindem. 1951: Alice Grindem, Margaret Thompson, Ruth Warren, Fritz Morris, Alice Hansen, Clarion Thompson. 1951 Jr Hi: Donna Sorem, Dave Allen, Jurine Borton, Ron Otto

Above - 1952 Cheerleaders:
Above: Ruth Warren, Dick Roberts, Margaret Thompson, Clarion Thompson, Alice Grindem, Fritz Morris, Alice Hansen.
Jr. Hi: Barb Sorem, Jurine Borton, Norman Honderd, Duane Brodie
Below - 1953 Cheerleaders:
Below: Ruth Warren, Fritz Morris, Margaret Thompson, Clarion Thompson, Alice Hansen, Richard Roberts.
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