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1947 Girl’s Track Meet

Apparently Milford Twp never had an official track team, boys or girls. However, in the spring of 1947 there was an article about an upcoming Girl’s Track Meet to be held at Shipley. There were eight teams entered by press time with the hope that several more teams would show up for the event.

The eight schools with entries were Napier, Kelley, Nevada, Fernald, Cam- bridge, Milford, Shipley and Maxwell. Unfortunately, there were no results published in the paper that I could find. There was a system of points awarded and trophies and ribbons to given to winners and top three finishers in each of the categories.

No results of the competition were found.

In the mid ‘50’s Milford Coach Ev Cochrane provided the opportunity for some of our “speedy” boys to have competition against Colo, perhaps the strongest track team in the area. For a short story about this adventure, see the “Larry Miller Story”. See page 112.

1948 January: County Tournament Announcement
From the January 27, 1948 Nevada Evening Journal

The tournament schedule is for the High Schools but note games listed in left column include Milford Twp Independent team, which was made up mostly of alumni, including Dick Couser. The independent league, which used the name of the townships (or schools), lasted 3-4 years in the late 40s. After that time, names evolved into the name of the sponsoring organization as the makeup of the teams crossed township (or school) borders.

Game Day at the Milford Ball Park Below: Refreshment at the Milford ball park in spring 1952. The girls are Connie Petersen ‘59, Florine Borton ‘52 (first in white Shirt) Donna Rae Steward ‘52, Alice Hansen ‘55, Alice Grindem ‘52, Anne Allen ‘52, and standing, Beverly Jacobson ‘55. Back Row from left: Art Borton ‘57, Helen Horness ‘53, Ron Otto ‘56, Duane Brodie ‘56, Larry Miller ‘56, Wil- bert Hadley ‘56, Ed Needham ‘56, Loyd Hughes ‘56, and Bill Thompson ‘57. There’s a variety of styles from the below the knees skirt to the white shirts with the Jeans. It was probably a Friday as the girls could wear Jeans on that day. It’s unknown from where the pop came because it was quite rare at School.
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