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Surname Given Name Cemetery
DAVIS Albert Zearing
DAVIS Carl E St. Patrick's
DAVIS Clarence Clyde Walnut Grove
DAVIS Darlene M Zearing
DAVIS Dinah H "Dina" Colo
DAVIS Floyd S Zearing
DAVIS Gene Francis Fairview a.k.a. Story City
DAVIS Gertrude Zearing
DAVIS Grace Dorotha Walnut Grove
DAVIS Hobart Walnut Grove
DAVIS Ira Allen Walnut Grove
DAVIS Irene B Zearing
DAVIS James William Center Grove
DAVIS John L. Slater
DAVIS Rastus Eraspus "Harley" Colo
DAVIS Roy M Zearing
DAVIS Sadie E. Slater
DAVIS Samuel Zearing
DAVIS Samuel R Zearing
DAVIS Sarah E Zearing
DAVIS Sheldon Harley Colo
DAVIS Theopal J. "Opal" Colo
DAVIS CLAYBERG Ruth Jeanette Fairview a.k.a. Story City
DAVIS JENSEN Maude Hannah Fairview a.k.a. Story City

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