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Collins School Chronological Biography
Part 2: Fall 1922–Spring 1929

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pupils.) Minnie Marsh – 2nd Grade – (31 pupils.) Audrey Sherman – 1st Grade (28 pupils) Grade School = 170. Total school enrollment = 278.

Bus routes and driver of each are as follows: No. 1 – Bill Luing; No. 2 – W. B. Hand; No. 3 – Frank Day; No. 4 – Earl Robinson; No. 5 – Milo Pitcher; No. 6 – E.L. Shonk; No. 7 – Wayne Signs; No. 8 – C. L. Davis; No. 9 – W. B. Brown.

[Insert 2004: The way country students went to the new consolidated school district in 1921-22 and a few years thereafter was by horse-drawn school bus. A bus route south of Collins was Tom Jones’ bus/horse owner and driver with passengers: Dave Ozmun, Iona (Crabb) Stratton, Catherine (Ozmun) McNamara, Ila (Crabb) (Atwood) Buck, Doris (Morrison) Duesbury, Leola (Toots) Stratton, Alma Stratton, Gertrude Smith, Velda Smith, Lela Stratton, Ila Stratton, Dola (Crabb) Romick, Esther (Ozmun) Taylor, Forrest (Crabb) Halterman, Orville Smith, Kenneth Smith, Lester Smith, Bill Vasey, Jeff Morrison, and John Crabb.]

[Insert 2004: The earliest (1923-24) Collins School motorized buses were improvised by the bus owners. They placed the horse-drawn bus body on a Ford Model-T truck chassis with a 22-Hp engine. The rear entry-exit bus capacity was 15-18 with the youngest sitting on laps of the older and a few standing in the aisle. There were no safety regulations such as bus color, stop sign, warning and stoplights. An early motorized route was northeast of Collins with W. E. (Bill) Luing bus owner and driver. Students on this route: Guy Robinson, Wayne Heintz, Harold Pointer, Wayne Southworth, Virgil Berg, Lowell Luing, Ramah Pointer, Willard Jones, Alice Heintz, Florence Jones, Mildred Pointer, Lester Pointer, Glen Pointer, Lillian Berg, Ben Jones and Ben Jones’ sister.]

September 9, 1926 – PTA Meeting - Regular meeting PTA will be held Tuesday, Sept. 14th. The committee promises a snappy program after which a social hour will be held in form of a reception for the teachers. All are invited to come and help give the teachers a hearty welcome.

-Clara Signs, Sec.

October 7, 1926 School Class Officers

Grade President Vice Pres. Sec. and Treas. Sponser
Twelfth Verle McCord Freda Jones Charlotte Vassey Miss Shomler
Eleventh Wayne Vasey Walter Keagle Velma Pitcher Mr. Applegate
Tenth Alma Stratton Jessie Stratton Lillian Vasey, Sec.
Erma Kitchen, Treas.
Miss Garner
Ninth Laurence Dood Belle Vasey Theodore Evans, Sec.
Imogene Signs, Treas.
Miss Cairns
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