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Collins School Chronological Biography
Part 1: 1882–Spring 1922

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July 9, 1896 The sidewalk in front of the schoolhouse has been re-laid and is now four feet wide.

August 20, 1896 At a regular meeting of the school board on Monday evening, it was resolved that school will open, Monday September 7. Tuition will remain the same as formerly, .30 a week for non-resident pupils. Charles Tuke will be the janitor for the fall term.

September 10, 1896 Collins schools reopened last Monday with the largest enrollment ever shown at the beginning of the fall term. There are 40 pupils in the high school, 37 in intermediate department, and 41 in the primary room. (Enrollment = 118).

October 8, 1896 Quite a number of ladies visited the primary department of the school last Friday and enjoyed the exercises which always take place the last Friday of each month.

December 3, 1896 An elocutionary entertainment will be given in Collins Wednesday, December 9 under the auspices of the Collins Public School. The talent secured is Mr. Carter B. Weaver of the Drake School of Oratory which is under the direction of Prof. Ott. Mr. Weaver is a success as an entertainer and those who fail to hear him will miss a rare treat. An admission of .15 will be charged: will go to the school for purchase of apparatus to be used by the class in natural philosophy.

December 17, 1896 A practical effort to get the library for the schoolhouse started will be made next Tuesday night and Edwin E. Keyes will give a dramatic recital in the M. E. Church. The admission is .15 and the entire proceeds will be devoted to the library.

December 17, 1896 The seats in the schoolhouse have been rearranged to accommodate the increase in the number of pupils. It is also likely that after the holiday vacation, Prof. Lyon will be given an assistant in the person of Mrs. R. Sanders.

March 4, 1897 Town of Collins population equal 400. Other town populations: Maxwell – 900, Colo – 600, Baxter – 550, Iowa Center – 200.

June 3, 1897 The high school students assisted by Principal Lyon and Miss Hunt entertained a crowded audience at the schoolhouse Saturday evening. Twelve of the students, 6 of each sex, performed two drills, one with rings, and the other with dumbbells. The gents wore neat athletic uniforms and the ladies pretty summer girl costumes. The exercises were entirely satisfactory, moving without a hitch. Two farces followed. Cast members were: Ada Hunt, Jessie Stanton, Henry Vasey, Maud Warrell, Leona Meade, Roy Cooper, George Shearer, Charles Hall and Charles Angelo.

August 12, 1897 The ladies took in $21.35 at their supper Tuesday evening at the schoolhouse. This amount will be used in papering and painting the three rooms of the schoolhouse that are now in use, the school board having agreed to make up whatever deficiency there may be when the work shall be done.

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