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Collins School Chronological Biography
Part 1: 1882–Spring 1922

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Collins School Chronological Journey

Part I Era: 1882 – Spring 1922

November 28, 1882 Collins Township has been redistricted by the school board and another sub-district created, making 10 in place of 9. The town of Collins is now No. 10. As there is no schoolhouse in No. 10, it will be necessary for the board to rent until such time as a house can be built. There are now about 40 scholars in the new district. The school board is in earnest and is determined to give every child a chance for education. Success to them (History of Story County, Iowa: Payne, c. 1887, Page 282.)

November 29, 1882 The first town school called Collins No. 10 was located across the street west of the post office and across the street north of the Chester and Lucy Lillard residence. It was occupied for the first time Friday evening with a show. It had to be dedicated. School began December 1882, with Miss Mills as the teacher with 40 pupils enrolled.

December 6, 1882 Our school officers have succeeded in making arrangements for a winter school.

May 1883 School is now in full running order with about fifty scholars. Charles Campbell is the teacher. We are getting another school, larger than the old shanty now used. It is to be built before winter. We now have sidewalks.

December 5, 1883 Our winter term of school commenced with Miss Mills as teacher.

April 9, 1884 A fine two-story school is to be built this summer.

May 14, 1884 The building committee selected site for schoolhouse.

July 2, 1884 The foundation for the new school is laid. The building constructed was a two-story wooden structure with basement, which stood in the area of the Paul and Lola (Dodd) Whitaker home north of the Christian Church on Main Street.

December 1884 School is in full blast, 75 scholars with Edwards and Coughlain, teachers.

November 20, 1885 The schoolhouse is receiving a new ceiling in the lower room as well as a new coat of paint. Belt & Denniston did the woodwork and Mark Sweet the painting.

March 12, 1886 School will close next week with an exhibition given by the pupils which we judge will be a success owing to the fact that the pupils are very studious and their teachers, John Alexander and Maggie Knepper, are both enterprising teachers.

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